MSEC 18_abstract_Opportunities and Challenges for Thin MEMS Sensor Systems



Opportunities and Challenges for Thin MEMS Sensor Systems​

Doug Hackler
American Semiconductor

Making all forms of electronics thinner is not new, but now that things are so thin as to be flexible, new opportunities and challenges emerge for MEMS-based sensor systems and the electronics that support them. Autonomous mobility needs small, lightweight, low power, go anywhere solutions. In wearable devices for sport, fitness, and medical uses we see the need for ergonomic product forms that must be comfortable to wear. New mobile phones and tablets are integrating thin and flexible electronics and displays that will soon lead to flexible cases. Mobile and remote monitoring IOT applications are rapidly developing and must conform to the “things” they are associated with. Thinness will be a requirement for MEMS sensors in these systems and the development of thin MEMS solutions is needed. Emerging hybrid electronic and advanced packaging technologies are being introduced to meet these challenges and provide new opportunities for MEMS devices to be thinner than ever before.  This presentation reports technology and reliability advances in ultra-thin Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SoP) packaging that is enabling flexible hybrid electronics and sensors including case studies with applications where electronic flexibility provides the solution for customer application problems.