One Month and Connecting for Collaboration

By Ajit Manocha, president and CEO, SEMI

As I complete my first month at SEMI, I am happy to say that it feels great to be at the center of the industry I’m so passionate about.  In my career, I grew up with SEMI.  As an engineer, I worked on SEMI Standards.  As a business leader, I collaborated with others across the industry at SEMICONs and at SEMI programs.  I’ve seen SEMI as being fundamentally about connection, collaboration, and collective action.

From developing semiconductor processes to running fabs to growing the intersection between foundries and fabless, I’ve seen the progression of the industry across the entire supply chain.  As I’ve seen firsthand, and presented many times, collaboration is critical to survival.  And today, collaboration must include players across the full span of the ecosystem to be successful.

The electronics manufacturing supply chain ecosystem is rapidly expanding due to the massive explosion of applications based on mobile devices, internet connectivity, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, biomedical devices, artificial intelligence, etc.  Today, there is a much broader scope for SEMI to bring about collaboration and growth opportunities than we could have ever imagined at SEMI’s inception in 1970.  At the same time, this must be accomplished while maintaining the strong foundation of SEMI’s equipment suppliers and materials producers.

The industry, however, is quickly evolving, and SEMI needs to keep pace. In my first 100 days at SEMI, I’ll be visiting our global stakeholders and listening. I need to hear where SEMI is meeting members’ needs and what more SEMI can do to increase the growth and prosperity of the industry – and to deliver value to you today.  I look forward to hearing from you and will report back at upcoming SEMI events on my findings and how SEMI will transform for members benefit.

In my first 30 days, I attended SEMICON China and SEMI’s Washington Forum – good examples of SEMI’s global representation.  SEMICON China was crowded and exciting, as you would expect from the region with the most fab projects currently under construction anywhere in the world (more than 20).  It was a very successful show with exceptional keynote speakers, strong support from China government officials, over 60,000 visitors and SRO (standing room only) conference programs that brought both inbound and outbound China opportunities into focus. I was very impressed by the level of discovery and new partnerships happening at the show. 

SEMI recently brought industry leaders face-to-face with U.S. legislators during the Washington Forum. Amidst a dynamic and transitional backdrop, 24 participants including members of the SEMI North America Advisory Board convened in Washington to promote pro-innovation policies. Three lobbying teams held meetings with over 20 members of Congress to highlight industry views and outcomes on the 4Ts: 

  • international Trade
  • the prospect for corporate Tax reform
  • immigration for Talent
  • federal support for advanced Technology R&D

At both events, I clearly saw the value of SEMI connection, collaboration, and collective action.  The two events also were clear evidence that SEMI serves the global industry and works to provide its members global growth and opportunity everywhere in the world.  While SEMI has offices in seven countries and represents all electronic manufacturing regions, it is truly “One SEMI,” and I’m glad I’m at the helm of SEMI and look forward to bringing members more of what they need now and in the future.

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Global Update
April 4, 2017