Offir Duman - Evaluation of 3D Molded Interconnected Device

Session 15: Flexible Electronics Manufacturing

Evaluation of 3D Molded Interconnected Device
Thursday, February 15, 2018
9:25 AM - 9:45 AM

Molded Interconnected Device Technology, or MID in short, is a part of the Structural electronics Space. This technology enables the creation of an electronic circuit on a 3D body, mainly an injection molded part. Thus, there a no constrains involved with placing a 2D PCB inside the product and the product can be miniaturized. Designing an MID requires many considerations and constraints, as the production involves multiple technologies, such as special materials, high accuracy dispensing, laser structuring, additive manufacturing and more. Our project focused on the design and tests of MID technology demonstrator which include an integrated circuit (IC) components. In the absence of design tools and guidelines relevant to our device, we had to work it out during the design process. We started by testing the functionality and characteristics of simple 2D test circuits in order to understand the basic design limitations. To complete our research, we designed, built and tested a 3D-MID, in order to understand the full complexity and implications associated with this technology.

Speaker's Biography

Offir Duman is a system engineer and project manager in Flex Haifa Design Center in Israel. He graduated B.Sc. Electrical Engineering and M.E. System Engineering from the Technion High Institute of Technology (Israel). Mr. Duman has more than 15 years of experience in system engineering, design and transfer to production of complex multidisciplinary systems.


Offir Duman
Project Manager & System Engineer