Highlights of the November 2013 SEMI Fab Databases

Highlights of the November 2013 Edition of the Fab Databases

The November 2013 edition of the World Fab ForecastFabFuturesWorld Fab WatchOpto/LED Fab Watch, and the Opto/LED Fab Forecast databases have been published and is available to our existing subscribers. Here are a few highlights from our World Fab Forecast:database:

Key Points

  • Fab construction spending is expected to increase by about 40% (to US$7.5B) in 2013 (was 24% in August report). Construction spending is forecasted to decline -14.8% (US$6.4B) in 2014 (was. -15.6% in August report).
  • For 2013, 40 construction projects are being tracked. For 2014, 28 construction projects (up from 26 projects reported in August) are being tracked.
  • Slow down of fab equipment spending in 2H13, especially in 3Q13 caused the second half of 2013 to be lower than expected; spending in 2014 is unchanged from previous report published in August.
  • Fab equipment spending in 2013 is expected to decline to -9% (US$30B) (was -1% in August report). This includes the used 300mm equipment Globalfoundries acquired from Promos 
  • Fab equipment spending in 2014 is expected to increase by 33% (US$39.5B) (was 25% in August report).
  • Memory shows stronger growth rate in 2013 than Foundry with 11% (over $10B) vs. 5% foundry (US$14.5B). In 2014 memory jumps to 35% (about $14B) and foundry jumps to about 19% (over $17B).
  • Installed capacity is slowing a bit further than expected in August report: 1.9% growth (was 2%) in 2013 and 3.3% (was 4%) in 2014. 
  • The growth rate of installed capacity is mainly driven by Foundry and Memory in 2013 and 2014. MPU shows also increase in 2014.

Activity Report

  • The database lists a total of 1149 facilities including 250 Opto/LED facilities. 
  • Since the last released (published in August 2013), we have made 301 changes on 257 facilities.
  • The database list 7 new facilities and line (3 new and 4 existing or re-vitalized).
  • The database also list 11 closed facilities 
  • There are 67 facilities with various probabilities which have started or will start volume production in 2013 or later.
  • The reports lists major investments (construction projects and equipping) in 206 facilities and lines in 2013 and 180 facilities and lines in 2014

Not a subscriber?  

Please take the opportunity to review our fab databases listed below.   Our databases deliver the latest forecast and a complete analysis on frontend fabs and foundries worldwide and are ideal resources to empower your market research. 

We can also work with you to create a custom fab database tailor to your needs and budget. And we can also create a regional database for fabs in North America, Asia or Europe.  Please feel free to contact Ed Hall at ehall@semi.org.


Fab Database Products

World Fab Forecast


World Fab Watch

Opto/LED Fab Watch

Coverage: 3 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months

Coverage: 2 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months.

Coverage: Includes previous quarter (no quarterly forecast).

Coverage: Optoelectronics and LED frontend fabs (no quarterly forecast).

Detail of all fabs including ones that have or will have spending plans. Includes closed fabs for the period.

Detail of fabs that have committed to spending (construction and/or equipment spending).

Provides a previous quarter summary of all fabs including fabs that will be closed.

Provides an overview of the global Opto and High Brightness (HB) LED fabs for the prior quarter.

Semiconductor, LED/Opto, MEMS, and R&D fabs

Semiconductor, LED/Opto, MEMS, and R&D fabs

Semiconductor, LED/Opto, MEMS, and R&D fabs

LED/Opto fabs only

Need customized data? 

Don’t see what you need? We can work with you to create a custom database tailor to your needs and budget. The following are custom reports we have created in the past:

  • Fab Transitional Report (listing of fabs to-be-sold, sold, closed, and maybe closed)
  • Historical Fab Report (spending per fab and wafer capacity from 1994 – 2010)
  • Fab Construction and Equipping Spending Trend (1996-2010)
  • Regional Fab Capacity Report (2000 – 2010)
  • Active 300 mm Semiconductor Fabs
  • more..

Please contact Ed Hall (ehall@semi.org) for additional info.


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