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A Look Back at the PE Industry in 2015
(Printed Electronics Now, Dec 29)

How are power semiconductors evolving?
(EE Times India: Electronics Design & Engineering, Dec 29)

UCLA researchers develop VCSEL THz laser
(Compound Semiconductor, Dec 29)

Startup Raises Funds for Battery-Less IoT
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 28)

Loads of excitement predicted for 2016
(Evertiq, Dec 14)

SEMI European 3D Summit: Beyond TSV in advanced ICs
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

SEMI reports third quarter 2015 worldwide semiconductor equipment figures
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

Five ways chemicals can save the world from climate change
(, Dec 11)

20 Inventions Created by Mistake – Part 2
(Design News, Dec 11)

SEMI sees 0.5% capex rise this year; 2.6% rise in 2016
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 11)

China Bolsters its IC Gear Business with Mattson Acquisition
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Dec 10)

Leading SOI wafer supplier Soitec refutes allegations of patent infringement
(Bloomberg, Dec 10)

Commentary: TSMC new fab to boost China semiconductor industry
(Digitimes, Dec 09)

M&A pace to accelerate in 2016, says survey
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 09)

Self-Driving Car Project Reaches Test Milestone, Baidu Says
(Bloomberg, Dec 09)

Fab equipment spending: Look for upward swing into 2016
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Dec 09)

Global 3Q15 semiconductor equipment billings increase 9%, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Dec 08)

SEMI cuts forecast for 2015, 2016 fab equipment spending
(Digitimes, Dec 08)

Loads of excitement predicted for 2016
(Evertiq, Dec 14)

SEMI European 3D Summit: Beyond TSV in advanced ICs
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

SEMI reports third quarter 2015 worldwide semiconductor equipment figures
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

Five ways chemicals can save the world from climate change
(, Dec 11)

20 Inventions Created by Mistake – Part 2
(Design News, Dec 11)

SEMI sees 0.5% capex rise this year; 2.6% rise in 2016
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 11)

China Bolsters its IC Gear Business with Mattson Acquisition
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Dec 10)

Leading SOI wafer supplier Soitec refutes allegations of patent infringement
(Bloomberg, Dec 10)

Commentary: TSMC new fab to boost China semiconductor industry
(Digitimes, Dec 09)

M&A pace to accelerate in 2016, says survey
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 09)

Self-Driving Car Project Reaches Test Milestone, Baidu Says
(Bloomberg, Dec 09)

Fab equipment spending: Look for upward swing into 2016
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Dec 09)

Global 3Q15 semiconductor equipment billings increase 9%, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Dec 08)

SEMI cuts forecast for 2015, 2016 fab equipment spending
(Digitimes, Dec 08)

TSMC plans new plant in China
(Silicon Semiconductor, Dec 08)

China Resources Group Said to Bid $21.70 a Share For Fairchild
(Bloomberg, Dec 08)

Qualcomm denies European antitrust charges
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 08)

SEMI reports third quarter 2015 worldwide semiconductor equipment figures; billings $9.6 billion
(Display Plus, Dec 07)

MEMS: Flexible, Reusable Platforms Facilitate Innovation
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 07)

TSMC Aims to Build Its First 12-inch Fab in China
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 07)

Supply chain re-think needed, says v-p at ST
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 07)

Chewing gum used as host material for new stretchable sensor — works even when strained 530-percent
(Electronic Products Magazine, Dec 07)

Semiconductor sales: slight growth projected for next three years
(Solid State Technology, Dec 07)

China Swarms into IoT
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 07)

Driving The Road Less Traveled
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 03)

Storing electricity in paper
(Nanowerk, Dec 03)

Mobile sector to drive advanced packaging
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 03)

How Dow Chemical Is Turning Sewage Into a Refreshing Drink
(Bloomberg, Dec 03)

SEMI Foundation appoints Leslie Tugman as Executive Director
(Solid State Technology, Dec 02)

15 Hot Tech Stories for 2016
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 01)

Fully-Depleted Silicon on Insulator May Be Fully Accepted in 2016
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 01)

Renesas Electronics to Consolidate the Kochi Factory
(Bloomberg, Nov 30)

Healthy Growth Predictions For MEMS
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 30)

The Challenge Of Fitting In
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 30)

US fab tool book-to-bill ratio slips in October, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Nov 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts October 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.98
(EMS Now, Nov 20)

SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium: Integrating market, technology and ecosystem growth
(Solid State Technology, Nov 19)

The Growing Role Of Extended Supply Chain Collaboration
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 19)

Why Packaging Matters
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 19)

On Semi set to buy Fairchild for $2.4 billion
(EE Times Europe Analog, Nov 18)

China's Buying Spree: 2014-15 Top Tech Deals
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 18)

IEEE Backs H-1B Visa Reform
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 18)

Could Qualcomm Be China's Next Target?
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 17)

Flexoelectricity is more than Moore
(Science Daily, Nov 17)

Imec and Ghent University Demonstrate First Laser Arrays Monolithically Grown on 300mm Silicon Wafers »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Nov 17)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES launches high-performance ASIC offering on 14nm FinFET process technology
(Display Plus, Nov 17)

Entegris introduces the SmartStack 300 mm contactless horizontal wafer shipper for safer wafer handling
(Digitimes, Nov 16)

Flip chip technology: Which companies will invest to support the growth?
(Solid State Technology, Nov 16)

China: Tsinghua Unigroup to invest $47 billion to build chip empire
(IBTimes, Nov 16)

Memory Spending Will Decline in 2016 »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Nov 16)

Placing Bets On Future Technology
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 16)

Silicon Shipment Levels Decline in Third Quarter 2015 »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Nov 13)

A Therapy Session for Insecure IoT
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 13)

SEMICON Korea 2016: Connect to the future
(Solid State Technology, Nov 13)

Cardiff’s compound semiconductor cluster could create 5000 jobs
(New Electronics, Nov 13)

New approach greatly enhances pervoskite stability
(PV Magazine, Nov 12)

20 European innovators make the grade in global league table
(Science Business, Nov 12)

China poised to play pivotal role in NAND flash industry
(Computer World Singapore, Nov 12)

TSMC board approves US$4 billion for advanced technology capacity expansion
(Digitimes, Nov 11)

Blog Review: Nov. 11
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 11)

Where Disruptive Innovation Came From
(Harvard Business Review, Nov 10)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Present at ASMC 2016 — Call for Papers Deadline Extended to November 11
(EMS Now, Nov 10)

MEMS, Sensors Poised for Growth in the Internet of Things Era
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Nov 09)

New Medical Devices Vanish Inside You
(Scientific American, Nov 06)

SEMICON Japan attracts innovation: IoT and high-tech startups
(Display Plus, Nov 06)

More efficient semiconductor characterisation
(New Electronics, Nov 06)

MEMS Industry Group Makes Important Name Change
(Design News, Nov 06)

Google wants to design its Android chips to vie with Apple
(International Business Times UK, Nov 05)

China to dominate flat panel display manufacturing by 2018, says IHS
(Digitimes, Nov 05)

China semiconductor investment fund changes the rules of competition, says ASE COO
(Digitimes, Nov 05)

It’s All about Packaging – in this Material World, Who Is Your Partner?
(Solid State Technology, Nov 05)

China to dominate flat panel display manufacturing by 2018, IHS
(Solid State Technology, Nov 05)

Will People Pay More?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 05)

2015 Global Semiconductor Alliance Award Nominees Announced
(Bloomberg, Nov 05)

China and Taiwan working together to overtake Qualcomm?
(Evertiq, Nov 04)

China to start working on the world’s largest super, super-collider by 2020
(Electronic Products Magazine, Nov 04)

Is the Semiconductor Industry Ready for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT?
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Nov 03)

5nm test chip taped out by imec, Cadence
(EDN, Nov 03)

Five Startups to Pitch at MEMS Executive Congress
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 02)

Commentary: Tsinghua Unigroup investment in PTI may trigger Taiwan policy change for semiconductor industry
(Digitimes, Nov 02)

Infineon Said to Be Front-Runner to Land Fairchild Semiconductor
(Bloomberg, Nov 02)

Practical Limits for Metallization Scaling in Fabs
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Nov 02)

China’s Unigroup to Pay $600 Million for Taiwan Chipmaker Stake
(Washington Post - Bloomberg, Oct 30)

Automotive Sensors Market to Reach $17.08 Billion by 2020
(Bloomberg, Oct 29)

Imec and Ghent University show lnP laser arrays on silicon
(Compound Semiconductor, Oct 29)

DARPA awards $1.8 million for 'near-zero' power sensors at UC Davis
(, Oct 28)

Air Products Building Helium Plant for RasGas; Wins Long-Term Helium Supply Contract
(PR Newswire, Oct 28)

Semiconductor Leaders Collaborate with Governments to Advance Free Trade
(EMS Now, Oct 27)

Manipulating wrinkles could lead to graphene semiconductors
(Solid State Technology, Oct 26)

Reversibly bistable materials could revolutionize flexible electronics
(Nanowerk, Oct 26)

Chip Mergers, Impacts Still Ahead
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 26)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry posts September 2015 book-to-bill ratio of 1.07
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 23)

How Will China Spend $120B?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 22)

Foundry Sales Defy IC Decline
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 22)

Thinfilm Receives $350K Through FlexTech Alliance to Extend Sensor Platform
(Bloomberg, Oct 22)

China’s MEMS Foundry Business Takes Shape
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 22)

Taming Mask Metrology
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 22)

Merger mania sweeps Silicon Valley chip industry [San Jose Mercury News]
(Bloomberg, Oct 21)

Intel to Manufacture 3D NAND in China
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 21)

What China Is Planning
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 21)

SUNY Poly CNSE Announces Milestone as M+W Group Opens U.S. Headquarters at Albany Nanotech Complex and Research Alliance Begins $105M Solar Power Initiative
(Nanotechnology Now, Oct 20)

SEMI releases industry’s first “Global 200mm Fab Outlook to 2018″, announces webinar
(Solid State Technology, Oct 20)

SEMI releases industry’s first “global 200mm fab outlook to 2018” and announces webinar
(Display Plus, Oct 19)

SEMI Releases Industry’s First “Global 200mm Fab Outlook to 2018” and Announces Webinar
(Press Release Point, Oct 19)

Chipmakers Embrace M&A to Boost Slowing Growth
(Bloomberg, Oct 19)

Shanghai Seeks ‘More-than-Moore’ in Silicon Valley
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 19)

SITRI Launches in Silicon Valley to Accelerate Innovation in “More Than Moore” and IoT Technologies
(Bloomberg, Oct 19)

Saxony Leads Germany's Semis
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 16)

ITRI reaches 85% yields for flexible electronics production
(Digitimes, Oct 15)

First Look: 5nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 15)

Patent Office Opens in Silicon Valley
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 15)

Singapore Semiconductor Vision 2020 to boost Singapore’s manufacturing industry
(Computer World Singapore, Oct 14)

Soft robot changes color as it grips and walks (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Oct 14)

SEMICON Japan 2015: Exceptional Lineup of Speakers
(EMS Now, Oct 14)

China makers to invest in flexible OLED display facilities in 1H16
(Digitimes, Oct 13)

Japan well positioned to support IoT and the industry
(Solid State Technology, Oct 13)

New Approach for 'Nanohoops' Could Energize Future Devices
(Scientific Computing, Oct 13)

Scientists Paint Quantum Electronics with Beams of Light
(Scientific Computing, Oct 13)

Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Expected to Decline 0.8 Percent in 2015; First Revenue Decline Since 2012
(EMS Now, Oct 13)

Worldwide semiconductor sales to fall in 2015, says Gartner
(Digitimes, Oct 13)

FlexEnable spearheads flexible electronics breakthrough
(Business Weekly, Oct 13)

Top 20 automotive semiconductor companies
(Evertiq, Oct 13)

Infineon CEO Says Robot Cars Will Drive Semiconductor Demand
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Oct 12)

Infineon to build $300m IoT wafer fab in China
(Electronics Weekly, Oct 12)

Foundry to grow 6%, says IC Insights
(Electronics Weekly, Oct 12)

Tsinghua’s Latest Deal Is Adding Chairman of Micron Venture
(Washington Post - Bloomberg, Oct 12)

Security In 2.5D
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 12)

Advantest to Exhibit at SEMICON Europa in Dresden, Germany, 6-8 October
(Bloomberg, Oct 05)

SPIE Photomask Panel: Money Is An Issue
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Oct 02)

Chinese Companies Putting Pressure on Korean Manufacturers as OLED TV Market Blossoms
(LEDInside, Oct 02)

6 Tips for Raising a Kid to Love STEM
(Design News, Oct 02)

TSMC Turns Logic FinFET into ReRAM
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 02)

TSMC turns logic FinFET into ReRAM
(EE Times Europe, Oct 01)

Executive Insight: Lip-Bu Tan
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 01)

FlexTech Alliance, DoD to Set Up Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility
(Printed Electronics Now, Sep 30)

Resist Sensitivity, Source Power, And EUV Throughput
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 30)

Mask Metrology Challenges Grow
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 29)

Smaller is better for nanotube analysis
(, Sep 29)

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor
(Silicon Semiconductor, Sep 28)

Qualcomm to invest $150 million in Indian startups
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 28)

Is The Stacked Die Supply Chain Ready?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 28)

SEMI Conference Addresses Issues in Semiconductor Materials
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Sep 25)

Linde Electronics Presents 2014 Global Supplier Awards
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Sep 25)

Accelerating “Lab-to-Fab” Progress: SEMICON Europa 2015 Innovations
(EMS Now, Sep 25)

Equipment vendors launch cost-saving programs for clients looking to migrate to 10nm
(Digitimes, Sep 25)

GlobalFoundries CTO Calls for Innovation in Chip Materials
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Sep 24)

Rebound in global PV equipment industry shows in Q2 numbers
(PV Magazine, Sep 24)

TSMC’s 2015 Forecast May Be Warning for Supply Chain
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 24)

European MEMS Summit news compendium
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 24)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: ASMC 2016 - “Call for Papers” Deadline is November 2
(EMS Now, Sep 23)

Egypt's semiconductor cluster stronger than reported
(EE Times Europe, Sep 23)

Europe's secondary industry in the spotlight
(EE Times Europe, Sep 23)

Let's make MEMS suppliers rich, says Huawei
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 22)

Europe’s Secondary Industry in the Spotlight
(Solid State Technology, Sep 22)

Not Enough Money in MEMS, Own the Data, Says InvenSense CEO
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 22)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: ASMC 2016 – Nov. 2 “Call for Papers” Deadline
(Solid State Technology, Sep 22)

16 Insights on ICs
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 22)

Soitec and Simgui announce first 200-mm SOI wafers produced in China
(Display Plus, Sep 21)

Linde Electronics presents 2014 global supplier awards
(Bloomberg, Sep 21)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts August book-to-bill ratio of 1.06
(Digitimes, Sep 21)

SPIL employees protest against ASE takeover bid
(Digitimes, Sep 18)

Apple to split 14/16nm orders among foundries into 2016
(EE Times Europe, Sep 18)

EU commission approves NXP’s acquisition of Freescale
(Evertiq, Sep 17)

SMIC to make Freescale chips designed specifically for China
(Digitimes, Sep 17)

China buys Swedish MEMS foundry, builds fab
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 17)

MEMS move to 300mm-diameter wafers
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 17)

Raise A Fence, Dig A Tunnel, Build A Bridge
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 17)

Q&A with GloFo CEO: 'IoT is no mystical animal'
(EE Times Europe, Sep 17)

We Must Teach Chips To Feel Pain
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 17)

ALD Market Heats Up
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 17)

EUV: Cost Killer Or Savior?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 17)

Soitec and Simgui announce first 200-MM SOI wafers produced in China
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 15)

SEMI Reports Second Quarter 2015 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures
(Solid State Technology, Sep 15)

Tech Awards Honors International Innovators Using Technology to Solve Pressing Global Problems
(Bloomberg, Sep 15)

Graphene Gets a New Competitor
(Scientific American, Sep 15)

Egypt's semiconductor cluster stronger than reported
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 15)

Dresden Memory Startup To Debut At Semicon Europa
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 14)

Dresden memory startup to debut at Semicon Europa
(EE Times Europe, Sep 14)

Power semiconductor market to grow 5% in 2015
(New Electronics, Sep 09)

Pure-play foundry sales to bounce back, says IC Insights
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 09)

Silicon photonics meets the foundry
(, Sep 09)

Blog Review: Sept. 9
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 09)

Challenges At Advanced Nodes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 09)

ASE Chairman Jason Chang receives SEMI award for advancements of copper wire bonding technology
(Solid State Technology, Sep 08)

Intel in Penang: Giving to schools and NGOs
(Computer World Singapore, Sep 08)

First superconducting graphene created
(Nanowerk, Sep 08)

Intel to invest $50m in quantum research collaboration
(New Electronics, Sep 07)

July flat, says SIA
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 07)

Taiwan relaxes law on tech production in China
(, Sep 04)

IC demand unlikely to pick up until 2Q16, says TSIA chairman
(Digitimes, Sep 03)

TSMC reportedly considers generating its own electricity
(Digitimes, Sep 03)

20th annual SEMICON Taiwan 2015 opens today
(Solid State Technology, Sep 02)

Does a Chinese bid GloFo make sense?
(EE Times Europe, Sep 02)

SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Inspiring the next big idea
(Digitimes, Sep 01)

SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Inotera, Applied and HMI positive about semi industry outlook
(Digitimes, Sep 01)

SEMI Europe appoints new president
(EE Times Europe, Sep 01)

Chip Firms Target Smaller Customers
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 01)

China's Biggest Policy Bank Readies War Chest for Resource Deals
(Bloomberg, Aug 31)

Much Ado About Weakening Currency, China, And IoT
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 31)

China semiconductor investment fund reportedly targets Globalfoundries
(Digitimes, Aug 31)

BRIEF-TSMC orders equipment from KLA-Tencor for T$2.08 bln
(Reuters Global Markets News, Aug 30)

Three markets will drive the wearable industry
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 28)

FlexTech Alliance Receives $75 Million Department of Defense Award To Create and Manage a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility
(Bloomberg, Aug 28)

SEMICON Taiwan 2015 to kick off with more than 700 exhibitors
(Digitimes, Aug 27)

Fabs Seeking Higher Quality Electronic Materials to Meet Technology Demands
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Aug 27)

Nanotech Hub Targets 7nm, Beyond
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 27)

With silicon pushed to its limits, what will power the next electronics revolution?
(Nanowerk, Aug 27)

SEMI passes PV technology roadmap baton to Germany’s VDMA
(Pv Tech, Aug 27)

Amkor expands China operations
(Evertiq, Aug 26)

SEMI announces opportunities in South America for semiconductor manufacturing
(Display Plus, Aug 25)

Intel's Aggressive Push In IoT Positions It Well To Leverage Growth In The Market
(, Aug 25)

What to expect from the European MEMS Summit Conference
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 25)

TSMC Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee Now at Samsung
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 25)

Commentary: ASE purchase of SPIL shares is positive
(Digitimes, Aug 25)

Manufacturing Bits: August 25
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 25)

Korean chipmaker SK Hynix announces $38bn investment in 3 new plants
(International Business Times UK, Aug 24)

Opportunities in South America for semiconductor manufacturing
(Solid State Technology, Aug 24)

Government support for Infineon »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Aug 24)

Gartner: Startups and Small Companies Offer fast, stable semi growth
(Evertiq, Aug 24)

New York Shows How To Publicly Fund Fabs
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 23)

Scientists grow high-quality graphene from tea tree extract
(, Aug 21)

Taiwan Chip Packager ASE to Buy Stake in Rival for $1.1 Billion
(Washington Post - Bloomberg, Aug 21)

North America semiconductor equipment industry posts July book-to-bill ratio of 1.02, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Aug 21)

Interconnect Challenges Grow
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 20)

Still Searching For Rare Earths
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 20)

Challenges And Opportunities for China in the Semiconductor Industry
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 20)

China's PV manufacturing output surpasses $31bn in first half of year
(PV Magazine, Aug 19)

IIoT Comes To Chip Manufacturing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 18)

IDTechEx Research: RFID in China booms to $2.8 billion in 2020
(Bloomberg, Aug 18)

Taiwan May Ease Rules on Chip Investments in China
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 18)

Inside GlobalFoundries' Fab 8
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 18)

How Much Security Is Enough?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 17)

Fundamental Shifts In Chip Business
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 17)

20 Year Anniversary + 40,000 Visitors at SEMICON Taiwan 2015 - Inspiring the Next Big Idea
(EMS Now, Aug 17)

Graphene Ribbons Grow on Germanium
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 14)

2.5D Creeps Into SoC Designs
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 13)

Low Power Conference at SEMICON Europa 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 12)

Silicon wafer shipments rise 2.5% in 2Q15, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Aug 11)

Taiwan foundries may soon get green light for 12-inch fabs in China, says report
(Digitimes, Aug 11)

Challenges for MEMS, sensors, and semiconductors
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 11)

“Above and Beyond TSV for Advanced ICs”
(Display Plus, Aug 11)

Record silicon wafer area shipments in Q2
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 11)

Which Company Has the Strongest Investor in the Chinese LED Industry?
(LEDInside, Aug 11)

Silicon wafer area shipments marks another record in Q2, 2015
(Display Plus, Aug 11)

'Quantum dot finder' could help make high-performance nanophotonic devices
(Nanowerk, Aug 11)

SEMICON West 2015リポート(2):ニコンが展望する10nm以下のリソグラフィ技術(前編) (1/3)
(EE Times Japan, Aug 10)

SMIC successfully makes Qualcomm chips in 28nm process
(Digitimes, Aug 10)

Long Road Ahead To Securing IoT
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 07)

Qualcomm buys Ikanos for $47m, gets access to gateway technology
(New Electronics, Aug 07)

Samsung Display To Plough $3B More Into Vietnam Plant: Report
(International Business Times, Aug 07)

Samsung invests US$3 billion in Vietnam OLED facilities, says report
(Digitimes, Aug 07)

Larger Fabs + Smaller Devices = More Gases
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Aug 06)

SEMI China forms Power and Compound Semiconductor Committee
(Compound Semiconductor, Aug 06)

SEMI China forms Power and Compound Semiconductor Committee
(Semiconductor Today, Aug 06)

How The IoE Will Alter The Supply Chain
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 06)

Interview: Manufacturing a million Micro:bits
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 06)

Marvell Said to Draw China Interest in $1 Billion Mobile Arm
(Washington Post - Bloomberg, Aug 05)

Mid-Year 2015 Global Semiconductor Sales Ahead of Last Year’s Pace by 4%
(Printed Electronics Now, Aug 05)

Semiconductor-less Transistors the Goal
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 05)

President Obama Initiative to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Supercomputing »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Aug 05)

Blog Review: Aug. 5
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 05)

Samsung pays up for stricken fab workers
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 04)

Graphene drives potential for the next-generation of fuel-efficient cars
(, Aug 04)

The Future Of Moore’s Law
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 03)

A facile process for the vertical orientation of block copolymer nanodomains
(Nanowerk, Aug 03)

Black phosphorus could replace silicon computer chips
(Nanowerk, Jul 30)

Consolidation Creates Confusion
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 30)

Which Process, Which Material, Which IP?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 30)

Blog Review: July 29
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 29)

China IC backend firms reportedly obtain orders from Qualcomm, MediaTek
(Digitimes, Jul 29)

'Seeing' molecular interactions could give boost to organic electronics
(, Jul 28)

Indian fab project hires former GloFo exec
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 28)

Fabless IC design industry to see growth over 2015
(Electronics News (Licensed by Copyright Agency), Jul 27)

Technology Tsunami Approaches
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 27)

SEMI Applauds International Trade Agreement Breakthrough »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jul 25)

Nanoparticle Imaging with Graphene
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 23)

SEMI member delegation to visit Vietnamese Central Government and High-Tech Parks in Hanoi
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 23)

Changing the color of light
(, Jul 23)

The Great Imbalance
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

Chip authentication is key to stopping car hackers
(Electronics Weekly, Jul 23)

Looking beyond TSVs for 3D ICs
(EE Times Europe, Jul 23)

SEMI announces fourth annual European 3D Summit.
(Display Plus, Jul 23)

It’s a Materials World, With Positive Forecast
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

Surprises At SEMICON West
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

Fab Challenges At 7nm And 5nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

Rethinking Manufacturing Models
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

Challenges At Advanced Nodes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 23)

“Above and beyond TSV for advanced ICs” – SEMI European 3D Summit 2016
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 22)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts June 2015 book-to-bill ratio
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 22)

Chip foundry could accompany Welsh research venture
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 22)

Can GloFo and Europe's Chip Firms Unite?
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 22)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts June 2015 Book-to-Bill ratio of 0.98
(Display Plus, Jul 22)

Moore's Law is 50 years old but will it continue?
(, Jul 20)

Intel time delay in delivering new chip signals a slowdown of Moore's Law
(International Business Times UK, Jul 20)

10 Views of Semicon West
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 17)

Equipment Market Drifts Downward
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jul 17)

Taiwan Chipmakers Leery of M&A Wave
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 16)

Intel Hits Snag On The Way To Next-Generation Chips
(IEEE Spectrum, Jul 16)

Can GloFo and Europe's chip firms unite?
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 16)

Business is good for vendors of test and inspection/metrology equipment
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 16)

EUV: Unlike anything else in the fab
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 16)

Why Are IDC And Gartner's PC Market Stats Different, And Does It Even Matter?
(, Jul 16)

SEMI Standards Leaders Honored at SEMICON West 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jul 16)

Ex-IBMer Fired Up for Foundry
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 16)

Besstech’s innovative battery technology is highlighted during featured presentations at Semicon West 2015
(PV Magazine, Jul 16)

SEMI member delegation visit Vietnamese central government and high-tech parks in Hanoi
(Display Plus, Jul 15)

High Customer Interest in FD-SOI, GloFo Says
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 15)

SEMICON West Day 3: Don’t Miss
(Solid State Technology, Jul 15)

SEMI Standards leaders honored at SEMICON West 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 15)

New materials require new approaches
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 15)

Memory chip price war looms as China eyes USA's Micron
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Jul 15)

Save costs by conserving energy in the sub-fab
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 15)

SUNY Poly CNSE to Present Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Technology Developments at SEMICON West 2015 Conference
(Nanotechnology Now, Jul 10)

Researchers produces industry's first 7nm node test chips
(, Jul 09)

Kulicke & Soffa To Present Technical Seminar at SEMICON West
(Bloomberg, Jul 09)

Nikon Announces 450 mm ArF Immersion Scanner at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is Transitioning to Wafer Patterning
(Bloomberg, Jul 09)

SEMI updates key safety guidelines for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
(Display Plus, Jul 09)

IBM Leapfrogs Intel to 7nm
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 08)

SEMI updates key safety guidelines for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

The latest in CMP tech will be on offer at SEMICON West
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

Deposition equipment market witnesses a year of significant changes
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

Power Electronics: a Hot Topic at SEMICON Europa 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jul 08)

SEMICON Europa 2015 tracks trends and innovation
(Display Plus, Jul 08)

It's crunch time (again) for EUV lithography
(EE Times Europe, Jul 07)

Advantest to Exhibit Wide Range of Semiconductor Test Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) at SEMICON West, July 14-16 in San Francisco
(Bloomberg, Jul 07)

The big picture: More than 850 volume fabs in 2017
(Solid State Technology, Jul 06)

TSMC overtakes Intel in chip capex ranking
(EE Times Europe, Jul 06)

ClassOne Introduces New Mid-Sized Electroplater »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jul 06)

Globalfoundries Closes Acquisition of IBM Microelectronics Business
(Bloomberg, Jul 06)

Tackling advanced litho challenges on the path to node 5
(Solid State Technology, Jul 02)

PowerChip plans Chinese fab for display, sensor ICs
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 02)

New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances
(, Jul 02)

A glimpse at the future of printed electronics
(EETE Power Management Design, Jul 02)

GlobalFoundries completes acquisition of IBM Microelectronics
(Semiconductor Today, Jul 01)

Heisenberg's principle applied to Indian wafer fabs
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 01)

SEMI and Solid State Technology announce the 2015 “Best of West” Award finalists
(Solid State Technology, Jun 30)

Taiwan Tops Fab Spending ─ Driving Anticipation for SEMICON Taiwan 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jun 30)

Could India's analog wafer fab be moving south?
(EE Times Europe, Jun 29)

Making new materials with micro-explosions
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 29)

The Future Of Moore’s Law
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 29)

Building a better semiconductor
(Nanowerk, Jun 29)

Commentary: SMIC gains access to 14nm process technology
(Digitimes, Jun 29)

Leti’s FD-SOI Lesson: Build Ecosystems
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 26)

Wafer-level packaging is not enough, say OSATS
(EE Times Europe, Jun 26)

Super-stretchable smart fabrics could enable new wearables
(Computer World Singapore, Jun 25)

“What’s next?” ─ Advances in technology at SEMICON West 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 25)

Graphene: Looking Beyond the Hype
(Scientific American, Jun 25)

Soitec hits 38.9% with four-junction CPV cell
(PV Magazine, Jun 25)

Build STEM Skills, but Don’t Neglect the Humanities
(Harvard Business Review, Jun 24)

Blog Review: June 24
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 24)

China's SMIC, Q'comm in 14nm Deal
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 23)

New 2-D material's properties show promise
(, Jun 23)

IoT opportunity in the telemedicine market
(Electronics Weekly, Jun 23)

IBM reveals III-V FinFETs on silicon substrate
(EE Times India: Electronics Design & Engineering, Jun 23)

PV equipment book-to-bill ratio stays below parity in 1Q15, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Jun 23)

Cadence and Applied Materials collaborate on CMP process optimization
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 22)

Technology innovation is driving fan-in wafer level packaging adoption with more and more applications
(Solid State Technology, Jun 22)

MEMS applications take the stage in the first edition of the European MEMS Summit
(Solid State Technology, Jun 22)



IHS Says Moore’s Law Lead to Trillions of Dollars Added to the Economy
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jun 22)

How The Netherlands Empowers Its Tech Startups
(, Jun 22)

EDA Faces 10, 5nm Hurdles
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 22)

Startups Find Strategic Investors at SEMICON West 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jun 19)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts May 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jun 19)

The IP licensing business model: a love story
(EE Times Europe, Jun 19)

The secret alliance that could give the Web a massive speed boost
(CNET News, Jun 18)

Is EUV Making Progress?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 18)

IBM Demos III-V FinFETs on Silicon
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 18)

Intersolar North America reveals award finalists for solar projects in North America and Champion of Change winners to be honored during on-site ceremony at Intersolar North America
(PV Magazine, Jun 18)

Intel Malaysia helps reach pre-school 'digital natives' with new rugged tablet
(Computer World Singapore, Jun 18)

Innovation keeps silicon on top
(Compound Semiconductor, Jun 18)

Commentary: What does rising China supply chain mean for Taiwan?
(Digitimes, Jun 18)

3 Ways To Reload Moore’s Law
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 18)

Getting Over Overlay
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 18)

Fab Tool M&A Slowdown?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 18)

Japan: Finding Leadership In New Technology Areas
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 18)

Leti workshop covers major trends in FD-SOI technologies
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 16)

Commentary: Panel makers focus on product differentiation
(Digitimes, Jun 16)

New Directions For EDA
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 16)

Startups Find Strategic Investors at SEMICON West 2015
(Bloomberg, Jun 15)

More change for the chip industry
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 11)

Good Things from Down Under
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 11)

Semiconductor R&D Crisis?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 11)

DAC 2015: Day 3
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 10)

First Quarter 2015 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$9.52 Billion
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jun 10)

European project opens up nanoelectronics infrastructure
(Compound Semiconductor, Jun 10)

Could Copper Revolutionize Interconnects Again?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 10)

UMC to expand production capacity in Taiwan and China
(Digitimes, Jun 09)

DAC 2015 Day 2: Keynotes, Tutorials and More
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 09)

Soitec and SITRI collaborating on high-performance RF-SOI technology
(Semiconductor Today, Jun 09)

Moore's Law extended again?
(EE Times Europe, Jun 09)

Researchers develop technique for integrating 'III-V' materials onto silicon wafers
(, Jun 08)

DOE publishes updated SSL R&D Plan
(Semiconductor Today, Jun 08)

SITRI: Startup Funding And Support
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 08)

ASE invests in new manufacturing facilities
(Evertiq, Jun 05)

European chip market shows 18% annual growth in April
(EE Times Europe, Jun 04)

IoT needs new MEMS approaches
(EE Times Europe, Jun 04)

Partner Events Focus on Market Updates, Interconnects, More ─ at SEMICON West 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jun 04)

Commentary: UMC aims to trump investment restriction for producing 28nm chips in China
(Digitimes, Jun 03)

Partner Events Focus on Market Updates, Interconnects, More - at SEMICON West 2015
(Press Release Point, Jun 03)

Global semiconductor sales increase in April; Steady growth projected
(Solid State Technology, Jun 03)

IoT Needs New MEMS Approaches
(EE Times Blogs, Jun 03)

Fab plants are now making superfast carbon nanotube memory
(Computer World Singapore, Jun 02)

Fab plants are now making superfast carbon nanotube memory
(InfoWorld, Jun 02)

MEMS Industry Thought Leaders to Present at SEMI European MEMS Summit
(EMS Now, Jun 02)

North America: A critical player in the advanced semiconductor market
(Solid State Technology, Jun 01)

TSMC to increase capacity threefold
(Evertiq, Jun 01)

Diverse Packaging and Test Issues Up for Debate at SEMICON West 2015
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jun 01)

IoT Requires The Evolution Of The “New” 200mm Fab
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 01)

Diverse packaging and test issues up for debate at SEMICON West 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), May 29)

Breaking the Death Grip of Legacy Technologies
(Harvard Business Review, May 28)

Collaboration could lead to biodegradable computer chips
(Nanotechnology Now, May 28)

IHS: 'Highest annual growth rate since 2010'
(Evertiq, May 28)

Chips Make Change in Emerging Markets
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 28)

What’s Different At 16/14nm?
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 28)

Computer chips made of wood promise greener electronics
(InfoWorld, May 27)

Toward sold-state molecular circuitry: Molecular shuttle within a metal-organic framework
(, May 26)

Rohm buys Renesas wafer fab
(EE Times Europe, May 25)

HP’s $4.5 Billion China Unit Finds a Local Face to Succeed
(Washington Post - Bloomberg, May 22)

3D NAND, MRAM, RRAM: Emerging opportunities and challenges for the changing memory market
(Solid State Technology, May 21)

What’s After 10nm?
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 21)

Next-Gen Metrology: Searching For A Bright X-Ray Source
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 21)

IP Market Shifts Direction
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 20)

Moore's Law: What Broke the Model
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 20)

New Applied PVD system targets TiN hardmasks for 10nm, 7nm chips
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, May 19)

Applied extends TiN hard masks to 10nm
(Electronics Weekly, May 19)

Imec and Lam Develop Novel Metallisation Method »
(Silicon Semiconductor, May 19)

Silicon wafer shipments increase in 1Q15, says SEMI
(Digitimes, May 19)

MEMS Industry Group absorbs 'trillion sensors' initiative
(EE Times Europe, May 18)

FRAM's Slow, Unending Journey to Dominance
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 18)

FinFET sweat sensor can monitor health
(EE Times Europe Analog, May 18)

Graphene Composites Go Big
(IEEE Spectrum, May 18)

China venture capital firm may target Macronix, Winbond for acquistion, says paper
(Digitimes, May 18)

Imec and JSR team up for EUV
(Electronics Weekly, May 18)

SEMI Recognizes Leaders, Pushes Issues at Washington Forum
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 14)

CEO interviews updated
(EE Times Europe Analog, May 14)

Tower seeks fab deal in China
(EE Times Europe Analog, May 14)

Tracing Samsung’s Road to 14nm
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 12)

Gordon Moore is still amazed at how Moore's Law shaped the tech industry
(PCWorld, May 12)

The Roadmap To 5nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 11)

The End Of Moore's Law? Or The End Of The American Entrepreneurial Spirit?
(, May 11)

SEMICON West 2015 Focuses on the Most Critical Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing
(EMS Now, May 11)

SMIC Mum on 28nm Revenue Prospect in 2015
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 08)

5 takeaways from 2015 SNEC
(PV Magazine, May 07)

BRIEF-Taiwan's TSMC orders equipment from Hermes Microvision, KLA-Tencor
(Reuters Global Markets News, May 07)

The Next Generation Of Wearables
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 07)

Ultrasounds and plastic in place of complex electronics
(EE Times Europe, May 06)

Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab
(EE Times Europe, May 06)

SEMI reveals European MEMS Summit keynoters
(EE Times Europe Analog, May 06)

Why chip design gets relevant for carmakers
(EE Times Europe, May 06)

SPTS wins third consecutive annual award for occupational health & safety
(Semiconductor Today, May 05)

What’s Your MEMS Story?
(Design News, May 05)

Chip Market Growth Strong Q1 in US, China
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 05)

Manufacturing Bits: May 5
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 05)

New Study Suggests that Rapid Innovation in Semiconductors Provides Hope for Better Economic Times Ahead
(Bloomberg, May 04)

The End Of Silicon?
(Semiconductor Engineering, May 04)

"Fingerprinting" chips to fight counterfeiting
(, May 01)


Two-dimensional semiconductor comes clean
(, Apr 27)

Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron cancel merger plans
(Pv Tech, Apr 27)

Applied chairman among candidates for TSMC board of directors
(Digitimes, Apr 27)

What happens when computer science conferences go 'Gangnam Style'
(PC World, Apr 24)

SEMICON Russia 2015 TechARENA Sessions: Learn about Smart Systems and Semiconductor Optoelectronics
(EMS Now, Apr 24)

MEMS Seeks its Moore’s Law
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 24)

How emerging IoT impacts the semiconductor sector
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts March 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.10 »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Apr 23)

Blog Review: April 22
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 22)

ASML reaches agreement for delivery of minimum of 15 EUV lithography systems
(Bloomberg, Apr 21)

WSTS marks America up for 2015 boom
(EE Times Europe, Apr 21)

Applied Materials Enables the Extension of Multiple Patterning to 10nm and Beyond »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Apr 21)

Intel's 10nm Secrets Predicted
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 21)

Applied Materials announces new photomask etch system
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 20)

Tactile Internet: 5G and the Cloud on steroids
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Apr 20)

Moore’s Law @50 in the News
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 20)

TSMC to open new fab for 10nm manufacturing in mid-2016, says chairman
(Digitimes, Apr 20)

Samsung Describes Road to 14nm
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 16)

The inside story of the multibillion-dollar quest to make faster, cheaper gadgets
(CNET News, Apr 16)

SEMI Seminar Focuses on European Packaging, Assembly and Test
(EMS Now, Apr 15)

Fifty years of Moore’s Law made possible by semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers worldwide
(Solid State Technology, Apr 14)

SEMI seminar focuses on European packaging, assembly and test
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 14)

SEMI reports 2014 semiconductor photomask sales of $3.2B
(Solid State Technology, Apr 14)

The Billion-Dollar Race to Reinvent the Computer Chip
(Scientific American, Apr 14)

Moore’s Law Hits Middle Age
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 14)

Worldwide semi foundry market grew 16.1 percent in 2014
(Evertiq, Apr 13)

Moore’s Law at 50 and the Rice-and-Chessboard Fable
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 10)

Photolithography Patterning
(Photonics Online, Apr 10)

New insights into graphene and organic composites in electronics
(Nanowerk, Apr 10)

Taiwan Chipmakers Prepare to Transport Water as Drought Worsens
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 09)

2014: A year in review – Semiconductor equipment and materials market and outlook
(Solid State Technology, Apr 09)

Big Acquisitions, Big Changes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 09)

China's Homegrown Semiconductor Firms Poised To Gain From Internet Of Things Spending
(, Apr 09)

Stacked Die, Phase Two
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 09)

TSMC to construct Fab 15 Phase 5 facility starting May
(Digitimes, Apr 08)

New semiconductor event to cater to vibrant SE Asian market
(Electronics News, Apr 08)

Why your car will be connected to the Internet by 2020
(Computerworld Australia, Apr 08)

TSMC outlines 16nm, 10nm plans
(EE Times Europe, Apr 08)

The car's the star...
(EE Times Europe, Apr 08)

Blog Review: April 8
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 08)

Southeast Asia to See Spending of USD19 billion for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials by 2016
(Bloomberg, Apr 06)

Southeast Asia to Spend US$ 19 billion for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials by 2016
(EMS Now, Apr 02)

This is why chip firms like the IoT
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 02)

India LED Market Enters Exponential Growth Phase
(LEDInside, Mar 31)

Manufacturing Bits: March 31
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 31)

UMC snatches high-end 28nm chip orders from TSMC clients
(Digitimes, Mar 30)

IFTLE 234 IBM to Share Technology with China; More on Apple A9 Business; Fujitsu puts liquid Cooling in Smartphones
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 30)

Next important step toward quantum computer with quantum dots
(Nanowerk, Mar 30)

The Multiple Lives of Moore’s Law
(IEEE Spectrum, Mar 30)

Europe leads PV uptake charts as global growth continues
(EETE Power Management Design, Mar 30)

Why Intel is considering acquiring Altera?
(Evertiq, Mar 30)

UMC begins construction of 12-inch fab in Xiamen
(Digitimes, Mar 30)

Chemists make new silicon-based nanomaterials
(Nanotechnology Now, Mar 27)

Behind the Scenes at the Nanosys Quantum Dot Factory in Silicon Valley
(IEEE Spectrum, Mar 27)

Study identifies the challenges facing large-scale deployment of solar photovoltaics
(Phys.Org, Mar 27)

Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
(EE Times Europe, Mar 27)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(EMS Now, Mar 26)

Intel takes aim at the mobile market - again
(Phys.Org, Mar 26)

Speaking IoT In Many Languages
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 26)

LED manufacturers gather for LED Taiwan
(Compound Semiconductor, Mar 25)

Correcting the gender balance: Intel in Malaysia
(Computer World Singapore, Mar 25)

New process could make gallium arsenide cheaper for computer chips, solar cells
(Phys.Org, Mar 25)

NXP and GlobalFoundries announce production of 40nm embedded non-volatile memory technology
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 24)

Tactile internet: 5G and the Cloud on steroids
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Mar 24)

Pointing the way forward in the fight against counterfeiting
(New Electronics, Mar 24)

EUV Makes Headway At Last
(EE Times Blogs, Mar 24)

Former SMIC CEO to set up 12-inch wafer plant in Shanghai
(Digitimes, Mar 24)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Mar 24)

Manufacturing Bits: March 24
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 24)

TSMC: Rise of the “Phantom Node”
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 23)

3 Key IoT Benchmarks
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 23)

Taiwan semiconductor makers unaffected by water shortages
(Digitimes, Mar 20)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(Press Release Point, Mar 19)

Fab Capacity Shortages
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Issues And Options At 5nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

3D Effects At 20nm And Beyond
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Searching For 3D Metrology
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Challenges Mount For Patterning And Masks
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

ATE: The Road Ahead
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

SEMI reports 2014 global semiconductor equipment sales of $37.5 billion
(Display Plus, Mar 18)

NXP-Freescale merger to result in world’s eighth largest chip maker
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 18)

14 Views of the Open Power Summit
(Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 18)

Rudolph JetStep Lithography System Gains Traction for Advanced Packaging Applications
(Press Release Point, Mar 10)

Thin film technology makes artificial leaves more robust
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Mar 10)

New formula for identifying suitable graphene substrate
(Nanowerk, Mar 10)

Patented process builds better semiconductors, improves electronic devices
(Science Daily, Mar 09)

Intel calls for 3D IC
(EE Times Europe, Mar 09)

NXP to Focus on All CMOS Radar Future
(Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 09)

Conflict Minerals – an exercise in complexity
(EMS Now, Mar 09)

SEMICON Russia 2015 Presents Microelectronics Market Conference and New TechARENA Sessions
(EMS Now, Mar 09)

French chip tech centre offers 3D silicon to universities
(Electronics Weekly, Mar 09)

A New Infrastructure For The IoE
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 09)

MIG Takes a Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Approach with Revamped MEMS/Sensors Technical Event – MIG welcomes technologists to MEMS Technical Congress, emphasizes working groups and breakout sessions on emerging MEMS & sensors, tech transfer and integration
(Nanotechnology Now, Mar 06)

Monolith relocates from New York to Texas following X-FAB partnership
(Semiconductor Today, Mar 06)

SMIC gearing up for 28nm production
(Digitimes, Mar 06)

Fan-out wafer level packaging fills gap to 3D, says Yole
(EE Times Europe, Mar 05)

Intel Calls for 3D IC
(EE Times Blogs, Mar 04)

Intel honors 21 companies with Preferred Quality Supplier and Achievement Awards
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 04)

SPIE Advanced Lithography conference concludes
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Feb 27)

Intel Buys Its Way Deeper Into China
(Bloomberg, Feb 26)

18 Views of ISSCC
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 26)

IP Market Booms At Advanced Nodes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 26)

First Time Success And Cost Control
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 26)

A ten year roadmap for graphene and related materials
(Graphene-info, Feb 26)

Technologists focus on semiconductor factory productivity and process solutions
(Congoo News, Feb 25)

Metrology tool
(SPIE, Feb 25)

The European nanotechnology roadmap for graphene
(Nanowerk, Feb 24)

TSMC to Start 10nm in 2017, Closing Gap with Intel
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 24)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.03
(EMS Now, Feb 24)

KLA-Tencor extends 5D patterning control solution with overlay and film process control systems
(Semiconductor Today, Feb 24)

Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 24
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 24)

Who offers best MEMS, sensor application?
(EE Times Europe, Feb 23)

Fever alarm armband: A wearable, printable, temperature sensor
(Nanowerk, Feb 23)

Imec gets closer to directed self-assembly
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 23)

Semiconductor works better when hitched to graphene
(Phys.Org, Feb 20)

Will 10nm Be The Last Big Node?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

The Power Of Collaboration: Solutions For Improving Manufacturing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

How To Extend Litho Scaling
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

5 Disruptive Mask Technologies
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

Call for Papers Open for SEMICON Europa 2015 and Plastic Electronics 2015
(Press Release Point, Feb 18)

M+W Group to shutter German semiconductor, PV unit
(PV Magazine, Feb 17)

A giant increase in conductivity measured when a semiconductor is submitted to high pressure
(Nanowerk, Feb 17)

TSMC invests heavily to meet demand and beat competition
(Evertiq, Feb 17)

Opportunity to participate in European research projects
(Press Release Point, Feb 17)

Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 17
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 17)

Silicon wafer shipments reach record levels in 2014
(Display Plus, Feb 16)

China: PV installed capacity grows to almost 30 GW in 2014
(PV Magazine, Feb 16)

China: PV installed capacity grows 60% in 2014
(PV Magazine, Feb 16)

Scientists go to great lengths to extend superlow friction
(Phys.Org, Feb 13)

Silver-glass sandwich structure acts as inexpensive color filter
(Phys.Org, Feb 13)

ASE to create more than 6,500 jobs in northern Taiwan
(Digitimes, Feb 13)

SMIC receives investment from China IC Industry Investment Fund
(Digitimes, Feb 13)

With Responsibility Comes Power
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Who Pays For EDA Shift Left?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Reliability Definition Is Changing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Nanorobots Must Self Repair
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 11)

Cutting fab costs and turn-around time with smart, automated resource management
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 30)

Bigger Systems, Bigger Profits
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

New Market Expectations For 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

First Look: 10nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

Soitec launches second generation of eSI RF-SOI substrates, targeting LTE Advanced
(Semiconductor Today, Jan 28)

New Edition of the International Technology Roadmap for PV (ITRPV) to be released in China
(Press Release Point, Jan 26)

NA Semicon Equipment Orders Hit $1.37B in December 2014
(PCB007, Jan 26)

About 70% of Taiwan PV makers to temporarily quit US market due to ITC judgment
(Digitimes, Jan 26)

Silicon Catalyst: Semiconductor Incubator
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 26)

Tech Talk: Photomask Challenges
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Trion-induced negative photoconductivity in a 2D semiconductor
(SPIE, Jan 22)

Fab Tool R&D And Ramen Noodles
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

The Semiconductor Future Looks Bright!
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Semiconductors By The Numbers
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Next Channel Materials?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits
(Science Daily, Jan 21)

IFTLE 225 IEEE 3DIC – Cork: The Thermal Impact of TSVs – reexamined; Parylene: an IFTLE alternative opinion
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 20)

Underdog DRAM
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 20)

System Bits: Jan. 20
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 20)

MEMS Group Targets IoT
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 19)

Two Companies Honored with SEMI Award: ASE for Advancements in Copper Wire Bonds; Brewer Science for Coatings Used in Optical Lithography
(EMS Now, Jan 19)

Will 2015 be the key year for graphene?
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 19)

Better solar panels and printed electronics with new material discovery
(Solar Energy News, Jan 19)

7 Takeaways From ISS 2015
(EE|Times, Jan 16)

Solving an organic semiconductor mystery
(Science Daily, Jan 16)

FeFET to extend Moore's law
(EE Times Europe, Jan 16)

Zinc-oxide Nanostructures Could Help Power Wearables
(IEEE Spectrum, Jan 15)

ASE Honored with SEMI Award for Advancement in Copper Wire Bonding Technology
(Press Release Point, Jan 15)

Gartner predicts a softer chip market in 2015
(EE Times Europe, Jan 15)

TSMC Selling ASML Stake for $1.5 Billion as Lockup Period Ends
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 15)

What Will Change In Design For 2015?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 15)

Designing For Automotive
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 15)

Two companies honored with SEMI Award
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 14)

China to Write $10B Check for Chips
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 14)

Further growth seen for semiconductor equipment and materials at SEMI ISS 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 14)

OLED tail lights shown on BMW M4 concept car
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 13)

Wonder material silicene still stands just out of reach
(Science Daily, Jan 12)

PV Talk: A steady return to health for PV tool manufacturers
(Pv Tech, Jan 12)

CES 2015: MEMS that Wearables/IoT Need
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 12)

MEMS summit launched in Europe
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 12)

China holds 9 spots among top-50 fabless IC firms, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Jan 12)

Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Jan 09)

Air Products to Host Webinar on Technology for Controlling VOC Emissions
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Jan 09)

Weak yen spurs Japan electronics firms to bring production home
(Reuters US News, Jan 09)

10nm FD-SOI, SOI FinFETs at IEDM 2014
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 08)

CES 2015: 10 best car tech features and gadgets
(NY Daily News, Jan 08)

SEMICON West 2015: “Call for Papers” for Semiconductor Technology Symposium and TechXPOTs
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jan 08)

Spotlight on MEMS: SEMI launches new European MEMS Summit
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 07)

SEMICON West 2015: “Call for Papers” for Semiconductor Technology Symposium and TechXPOTs
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 07)

CES 2015: The five biggest stories from this year's show
(International Business Times UK, Jan 07)

IFLE 222 2014F IC Sales; SMIC joins group Acquiring StatsChipPAC; China to become a Consolidation “Predator”?
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 05)

Tri-axis accelerometers go thinner
(EDN, Jan 05)

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