Semiconductor Talent Exchange Meet-up

Semiconductor Talent Exchange Meet-up

By Kai Fai Ng, president, SEMI Southeast Asia

At our last Members/Partners Appreciation event in December, we announced the Semiconductor Talent Exchange Meet-up (STEM) program.

The challenges of talent development in our industry are legendary, and, in particular, in keeping our current talent within our industry. Many would assume that talent development through training programs would be the de-facto approach for motivating staff. Training programs are a good way to help people develop a specific skill or knowledge set, but the pace of change in our industry is ever increasing. Skill development is increasingly difficult to upgrade in tandem with skill needs. Certainly, effective training programs are critical, but imagine the added benefit that comes from identifying additional ways to help people understand the industry better and, in turn, identify major skill gaps.

This is the genesis where the idea of STEM was established. With one of our SEMI Technical Committee members, Mr. Jimmy, in an advisory role, SEMI envisions the STEM program as a neutral platform of semiconductor talent gathering for beneficial mutual exchanges amongst peers in our Singapore ecosystem ─ and then soliciting feedback that could be presented to SEMI SE Asia partner companies as a closed loop. The meetup will also benefit semiconductor engineers by updating them on the latest market trends from SEMI’s market research portfolios.

Talent development is essential at all levels and in all domains of our industry. Too often however, we tend to limit the discussion to resources within an organization. But in a global economy characterized by increasing performance pressure in various domains, STEM hopes to re-energise the base by offering an opportunity to understand the holistic picture of the industry.   To put it simply, let’s borrow a quote from Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” With STEM, there are growing opportunities to connect with talented people across organizations. Stay tuned for the date which will be toward the end of March 2016. The SEMI event calendar is here:

And last but not least, SEMICON Southeast Asia (April 26-28) registered a 15 percent increase in exhibition space from last year’s sell-out show thanks to SPICE which expanded an area not available last year. In addition, we have increased SEMI SEA Technical Symposiums from five to nine this year and added an Innovation Discovery Hub for Technology Start-ups. Based on the current registration, we are expecting more than 7,000 attendees at this event. Be there!

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March 1, 2016

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