Connecting Decision Makers with Global Stakeholders — SEMICON Southeast Asia

Connecting Decision Makers with Global Stakeholders — SEMICON Southeast Asia

By Kai Fai Ng, president, SEMI Southeast Asia

The inaugural SEMICON Southeast Asia will run from 22–24 April in Penang, Malaysia. The event will connect decision makers from leading and emerging semiconductor companies with important industry stakeholders from both the region and all over the world.

Penang was selected for the inaugural SEMICON Southeast Asia exhibition because of its reputation as the “Silicon Valley of the East” and Malaysia’s vibrant eco-system, coupled with the drive and support from the state government.  SEMICON Southeast Asia will feature a tradeshow exhibition, networking events, market and technology seminars, and conferences.

Focusing on key trends and technologies in semiconductor design and manufacturing, the event also addresses expanding applications markets like mobile devices and other connected "Internet of Things" (IoT) technologies, many of which require development of specialised materials, packaging, and test technologies, as well as new architectures and processes.

For 2015 and 2016, SEMI estimates spending of almost US$ 5 billion on front-end and back-end equipment in the Southeast Asia region, and another $14 billion in spending on materials including $11 billion on packaging-related materials.  In addition, according to the SEMI ( World Fab Forecast, Southeast Asia is home to over 35 production fabs covering Foundry, Compound Semiconductors, MEMS, Power, LED, and other devices.

Southeast Asia is a significant and exciting market for the semiconductor industry. In fact, the region contributes a substantial 27 percent of global assembly, test and production, on top of being the largest market for assembly and test equipment.

In addition to offering a deep networking opportunity for industry stakeholders, SEMICON Southeast Asia is also a catalyst for industry players within the region to collaborate and innovate to become larger players in this industry. This year, we expect about 60 industry speakers and 130+ companies to participate.

For information about our exhibitors and technical symposiums, visit our SEMICON Southeast Asia website:

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March 11, 2015