Greetings from SEMI Southeast Asia

Looking to the Future

It has been a truly exciting year for SEMI Southeast Asia. Hardly a month has gone by without exciting and innovative activities that focus on advancing the industry in our region.

You may already be aware of the Singapore Semiconductor Vision 2020 (SSV2020), a joint effort of SEMI Southeast Asia and the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), together with 20 participating members from the private sector, institutions, and government agencies. The objective of this joint effort is to enhance the competitive advantage of Singapore as a compelling and globally competitive semiconductor industry hub through 3 key initiatives:

  1. Advance global competitiveness through innovation
  2. Enhance public-private R&D partnerships
  3. Develop next generation leadership

The SSV2020 is an important component in SEMI’s global strategy for the next several years, with an emphasis on re-energizing our member base in all regions and helping them navigate an increasingly complex semiconductor ecosystem. The strategy includes new areas of focus and opportunity for our members, such as flexible hybrid electronics, MEMS and sensors and a comprehensive advanced packaging initiative. Our strategic intent is to provide new platforms and innovative ways for our members to expand their business into new and emerging technologies. Smart manufacturing and IoT are just two examples.

For us in SEMI Southeast Asia, this means introducing our members to emerging markets such as Vietnam, where we organized a Business Mission in Hanoi in September. Another highlight is the upcoming Advanced Packaging and Materials Characterization (APMC) workshop in Penang, Malaysia scheduled for November 24-25. This workshop is tailored to the ATE community, but it also extends to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), with the adoption of WLPCSP and FOWLPCSP providing linkages between the two communities. For more information on APMC, please visit: Advanced Packaging and Material Characterization Seminar 2015.

As we look towards 2016, SEMI Southeast Asia will leverage its unique position as a regional association with global platforms to advance the business of SEMI members and partners and to provide enlightened stewardship to our communities across all regions. Now more than ever, it is important to be a SEMI member!

Lastly, I would like to thank our SEMI Regional Members, the newly elected Regional Advisory Board, Technical Committees, Partners and Agencies. Come join us for a SEMI Member Cocktail and Networking evening in December to end 2015 on a festive note. For more information on this event, please contact Shannen Koh at See you there!