Biography - Mr. Danial Mausoof

Mr. Danial Mausoof Photo

Mr. Danial Mausoof
Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Asia Pacific and Japan

Entering his 15 years in Telecommunication, Danial has gained experience, spanning from marketing, public relations, sales, strategy, business development and & network deployment across EMEA, APAC and North America.  

Danial entered the telecommunication world as a developer for UMTS in the early 2000’s with Motorola in the US and soon become involved with large-scale operators on mobile deployments. Based on the firsthand experience with operators, Danial moved across to services business development with included a particular focus on market analysis, product development and building alternate revenue streams in the operator space. The customer driven focus is what brings him to his current role where he is driving development and engagement activities on innovation, market trends and thought leadership across the industry. He drives dialogue with executives on investment strategies into mobile broadband based on in-depth analysis of go-to-market strategies that allow effective means of monetizing data revenue. Since 2013, he has worked with operators in over 12 countries across emerging and mature markets around the world.

Danial has a Bachelor in Computer Science from Arizona State University, and an MBA from IE Business school in Madrid. Alongside of his employment with Nokia, Danial runs a boutique consulting firm which focuses on advisory services to small start-up’s and has had engagements in Saudi Arabia and Middle East on market entry analysis and segment evaluation. Danial serves as a founder of a not-for-profit organization that manages a charitable fund in Australia created to educate the under-privileged children across Southeast Asia.

Danial has been living in Sydney with his wife and his two beautiful children who enjoy his cooking but not so much his time away from home.