Biography - Mr. Cliff Sandstrom

Mr. Cliff Sandstrom

Mr. Cliff Sandstrom
Senior Technical Director
Deca Technologies

Cliff Sandstrom is currently a Senior Technical Director for Deca Technologies. 

He has been at Deca Technologies since it was founded by Tim Olson in 2010.

Cliff previously was a Director of Research & Development and Emerging Technologies at Cypress Semiconductor.  From 2005 to 2010 during his tenure at Cypress, Cliff was the Program Manager for the front-end 90 and 65nm technologies. He led groups on 30+ project launches with 25 entering production. Guided teams of 100+ engineers from various disciplines and sites in the development Cypress Semiconductor products.

From 1993 to 2005, Cliff held other management roles within Cypress including determining the company’s lithography roadmap and process development both in manufacturing and R&D. Developed front-end lithography and etch processes from 1.2um to 65nm. Also, directed engineering and maintenance activities in the area of high vacuum, chemical treatment, lithography and etch. Primary focus was the integrated impact of various process steps on line and die yields. Help lead a plant start-up in the spring of 1994, including capital purchases and production ramp.

Cliff has a Master Degree in Chemical Engineer as well as a MBA degree from the University of Minnesota.