Innovation Connects with Investors at the Innovation Village

Innovation Connects with Investors and the Industry – at the Innovation Village and Silicon Innovation Forum

Karen Savala ImageThis is an exciting time for our industry because there has been a sprint of new innovations in technology. New equipment, new processes and new materials are all needed to move our industry forward especially in an environment where traditional shifts to next wafer size and next lithography wavelength are past the current horizon.

One of the improvements that we’ve delivered at SEMICON West is providing more focus on these new technologies, enabling attendees to learn about what’s new and to assess the impact on semiconductor manufacturing. 

SEMICON West’s increased focus on new technologies is intended to provide visitors with strategic insight for assessing the landscape, identifying opportunities and developing strategic plans for business. We are pleased to feature the Innovation Village at SEMICON West.  A special exposition segment, this area will include exhibits and two days of presentations at the Silicon Innovation Forum (July 14-15). 

Innovation VillageDay 1 is a forum where start-up companies seeking investment capital or strategic industry partners present to a panel of investors.  Open to all attendees, this session is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the latest startup companies and their innovative technologies. A few of the startup companies’ technologies are listed below.

Day 2 is a forum on new research. Attendees will hear presentations on advanced research from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research, SUNY Network of Excellence - Materials & Advanced Manufacturing, Novati Technologies, MIST Center, Micro/Nano Electronics Metrology at NIST, Texas State University and the Georgia Tech Heat Lab.

One of the goals of the Silicon Innovation Forum is to enable research groups and startup companies to share their technologies and plans with investors and industry to identify new business opportunities and strategic partners. Investment in semiconductor equipment and materials is increasingly crowded out by VC’s interest in software, media and entertainment and biotechnology segments.

Silicon Innovation ForumTraditional venture capital investments into advanced semiconductor technology development has declined in recent years, putting the future of microelectronics innovation at risk. The Silicon Innovation Forum helps accelerate R&D in our industry and encourages continued innovation from new sources.

Leading investment groups from the global semiconductor industry will be represented at the Silicon Innovation Forum, including Applied Ventures, Intel Capital, Micron Ventures, Dow Chemical, TEL Venture Capital, Samsung Venture Investment, and BASF Venture Capital.

Visitors to the Innovation Village will have the opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies during the start-up presentations.  Here is a sample of program participants:

  • Alacrity Semiconductors, Inc. - developing new, ultra low power, low cost, high density memory
  • Astrileix - creating smaller, faster and denser ICs that enable capital efficient and low energy consumption
  • Besstech, Inc. – developing new lithium-ion battery anode technology with higher energy capacity than carbon anodes
  • Bin1 ATE, LLC ,  supplying high performance automated test equipment  for analog/mixed signal
  • Codelucida, LLC - developing novel disruptive error-correction solutions for flash controller chips within solid state drives
  • CubeWorks, Inc. – developing millimeter-scale modular sensing platform for wireless sensing
  • Femtometrix – Provides inspection equipment using optical, second harmonic generation methods
  • General Engineering & Research - developing a copper CMP slurry containing nano-sized contact release capsules to improve planarity and decrease processing costs
  • Inston Inc. – providing nonvolatile memory technology
  • Lion Semiconductor Inc – supplier of power management ICs integrated on to a single chip
  • Matrix Sensors – developing multi-channel MEMS sensor technology that allows measurement of multiple gases on a single chip
  • NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC - developing a scalable low cost selective metallization process for TSV metal fill and electroless metal pattern formation
  • NuMat Technologies - enabling cost-advantaged performance improvements in the delivery, capture and purification of toxic gases
  • SBA Materials Inc. – developing nano-porous and meso-porous materials
  • SELFA, Inc. – Providing new applications of semiconductor technology for monitoring cardiac and infectious diseases
  • Sensor Films Inc. - designing and manufacturing equipment to pattern transparent conductive polymer films for printable electronics and touch sensor markets
  • Silicium Energy - developing silicon thermoelectrics that enable wearable devices to operate from electricity generated by body heat
  • Stratio, Inc. – developing sensors using germanium and silicon for detecting frequencies in the IR spectrum
  • TallannQuest LLC - producing radiation-hardened ICs using standard CMOS and BiCMOS
  • Tivra Corporation, Inc. – developing PVD processes to coat Silicon wafers and mediate defect free regions for the growth of GaN for power semiconductor and LED applications.
  • zeroK NanoTech Corporation – developing ion source technology to improve the speed and precision of focused ion beam tools.

It’s an exciting lineup. We hope that you can join us for the investor pitch sessions.  Presenters will showcase their technologies and provide insight on their business models.

We are quite pleased to present these exciting new technologies, and also to support start-up companies in their quest for success. SEMICON West will be held July 14 – 16, 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.  The Silicon Innovation Forum is free with expo registration. Click here to register or to add this program to your schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,
Karen Savala