NREL: Update on Efforts of the PVQAT and Associated Standards Work by the IEC

NREL: Update on Efforts of the PVQAT and Associated Standards Work by the IEC

By Sarah Kurtz, NREL

Quality Management

A primary effort of International PV QA Task Force (PVQAT) has been development of a guide for ensuring robust and consistent implementation of designs qualified to IEC 61215.  In collaboration with PVQAT, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is nearing completion of this Technical Specification (IEC/TS 62941 Ed. 1).  A report summarizing this work was released ( in March and the Draft Technical Specification has been submitted to the IEC Working group 2 for final review.  Publication is anticipated by the end of 2015. Consistent implementation will be overseen by IECEE and IECRE who are developing an example checklist and the training requirements for auditors.

Climate-specific Qualification Testing

IEC 62892-1 (draft) “Testing of PV modules to differentiate performance in multiple climates and applications – Part 1: Overall test sequence and method of communication” was discussed at the workshop in February and at the April meeting of the IEC Working group 2.  Specifically, the discussion concluded that it would be valuable to be able to complete the new test sequence following completion of IEC 61215.  The Committee Draft of IEC 62892-1 has been circulated with comments due April 24, 2015.  Application of the proposed test sequence for improving the detection of delamination has, so far, not demonstrated its value, so further work is needed.


IECRE was formed to provide a means for system-level verification of renewable energy systems, including wind, solar, and marine systems.  Currently, 18 nations have joined and Rules of Procedure are being drafted.  A second meeting of the Rules of Procedure Task Group was held in Spain in November.  The IECRE PV-Operational Management Committee (OMC) met in Cologne, Germany on 5-6 May.  A draft business plan for the PV sector was presented, which includes a mission statement, OMC goals and deliverables, as well as a 5-year projection of income and expenses. The OMC also reviewed the 6th draft of the PV Rules of Procedure, which includes input from all 3 OMC Task Groups and PVQAT TG11.  It was agreed that a final draft would be circulated for approval by the REMC at their September meeting. Standards are being identified or developed to complete all of the steps that would be useful for a PV system certification.  If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact George Kelly

June 24, 2015