SEMI PV Standards Update from China

SEMI PV Standards Update from China

By Kris Shen, International Standards, SEMI China

The SEMI International Standards Program brings together industry experts to exchange ideas and work towards developing globally accepted technical standards. SEMI provides a forum for the essential collaborations that must be achieved to move new and existing markets forward efficiently and profitably.Companies using standards can decrease manufacturing costs, increase reliability and productivity, and access global markets. In addition, standards increase industry efficiency by reducing/eliminating duplication of efforts, defining new markets, and promoting competition by lowering barriers to entry. SEMI has been active in developing PV Standards since 1981. 

In total, the China PV Technical Committees have published 11 standards, with 17 standards in the pipeline. Four PV standards have been published in the first quarter of 2015 (see below). 



Key Contributors


SEMI PV58-0115

Specification for Aluminum Paste Used in Back Surface Field of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Leading drafted by Suntech and Rutech


SEMI PV59-0115

Test Method for Determination of Total Carbon Content in Silicon Powder by Infrared Absorption After Combustion in an Induction Furnace

Leading drafted by CPVT and GCL


SEMI PV61-0115

Specification for Framing Tape for Photovoltaic (PV) Modules

Leading drafted by Yingli 


SEMI PV62-0215

Terminology for Back Contact PV Cell and Module 

Leading drafted by Sibco and CSI (CanadianSolar), will be published soon

SEMI PV63-0215

Specification for Ultra-Thin Glasses Used for Photovoltaic Modules 

Leading drafted by Trina and CESI


There are eight task forces under the China Photovoltaic Technical Committee, as shown below: 

China Photovoltaic Committee Org chart


At the China Photovoltaic standards Technical Committee meeting on March 17 in Shanghai, as part of SEMICON China 2015, four SNARFs (SEMI New Activity Report Form) were submitted to committee for approval as below:

New SNARFs at SEMICON China 2015


Six ballots were in the global voting cycle 1-2015 (see below):

PVarticleMarch2015 voting cycle 1-2015

PV Standards Image China 2015PV Standards Meeting China 2015PV Standards Meeting China 2015

For more information on SEMI International Standards, visit For a calendar of SEMI Standards events, visit: To see an organization chart of SEMI Standards activity in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, North America and Taiwan, click here. The SEMI PV Standards Committee meets on a regular basis around the globe throughout the year. To get involved in this important work, please contact your local Standards staff.



March 18, 2015