ASMC Keynote: Robert Maire, Semiconductor Advisors LLC

The Semiconductor Industry at an Economic Crossroads

The semiconductor industry supply side, both chip and equipment makers have gone through much consolidation while the demand side has gone through an accelerating explosion (especially with Internet of Things), going from primarily PC driven to a very broad base with very large numbers. (essentially the supply side shrinking while the demand side increases in numbers though still somewhat in equilibrium).
  • What is the economic impact of this and what does it mean?   
  • Are we at an optimal point or does it continue? 
  • When the consolidation dust settles, has the industry reached a state of "full" maturity (much like other industrial segments)?  
  • We have gone from mainframes, to minis, to desktops, laptops, smartphones & tablets, wearables & IOT....where next?  
  • What is the outlook for profitability and stocks?