ASMC 2015 Keynote: Thomas Caulfield, Ph.D., DES, GLOBALFOUNDRIES (Fab 8)

Balancing Eco-System Value Creation and Value Capture

The semiconductor industry continues to experience year-over-year growth rates exceeding those of global GDP and the overall high-tech sector. Annual semiconductor industry revenues approached $350 billion in 2014, continuing to serve as the foundational building block for the $1.5 trillion global 
electronics industry. Despite this enabling role it has played for the last 60 years, semiconductor manufacturing faces formidable challenges, such as a growing dependency between IC design and process technology, increasing customer consolidation, intense competition, exponentially increasing 
capital equipment intensity, and shorter product life-cycles, all of which could threaten advances in manufacturing efficiency, and potentially forestall the next wave of growth in IoT and smart mobile computing. The confluence of these forces argues for the need of a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to the timely, cost-effective development of innovative solutions. Continued industry consolidation is evidence of the growing need of scale to capture these innovation synergies; furthermore, there is an opportunity to expand the reach to enable on-going cost-per-function improvement of new collaboration paradigms that will ensure on-going value capture throughout the supply chain. This keynote will share a foundry’s perspective on the forces reshaping the industry, including how the industry is capturing new value created from increased consolidation and gaining a competitive advantage through broader industry collaboration. The presentation will look at the economic impact of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ strategic partnerships and the technological opportunities these synergies yield on a regional and international scale. Furthermore, it will examine the opportunities and challenges this trend poses for the entire semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem now and in the future.