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SEMICON Southeast Asia: Strong Support

By Kai Fai Ng, president, SEMI Southeast Asia

Hope you geared up with the start of a New 2015!  At SEMI Southeast Asia, we are in preparations for our inaugural event.

I am happy to say that the inaugural SEMICON Southeast Asia show, scheduled for April 22-24 in Penang, Malaysia, is receiving overwhelming and encouraging response. We enjoy strong support for the show from almost all government agencies in Malaysia. This year’s Show amplifies the rich ecosystem that we have in the Southeast Asia and certainly reflects the enthusiasm and confidence in the outlook of the industry in 2015. While there is always a bit of uncertainty in the market in the new year, one thing is clear this year — semiconductor manufacturers are investing in advanced process technologies for both wafer fabrication and device packaging. In early December, SEMI forecasted 15.0 percent growth for 2015, which would see revenues approaching historic 2011 spending levels.  For packaging materials, SEA will top the list at $5.55 billion with Taiwan in second position.

These numbers help explain the spike in the number of overseas exhibitors this year — in addition to Singapore and Malaysian companies participating, 13 other countries including  China, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are participating.

I have other good news for you. With the continual commitment and dedication of SEMI Technical Committee and expansion of its members beyond the shores of Singapore, the technical symposiums this year are also a key highlight of the Show. The content is richer and endeavors to address key Southeast Asia challenges.

From the highly successful series of Market Trends through fabless and inter-linkage of the packaging and test down to the Failure and Yield Forum, these symposiums are crafted to a wider but targeted audience. Yet another new feature of the Show is the TechXPOT platform. We have arranged for a full three days of programs — from an Automation seminar, Sustainable Manufacturing and EHS, as well as a full review of existing as well as new SEMI Standards such as Traceability Standards and New SEMI Market Trends features.

Productivity in particular has been one of the anchor points in SEA. In the context of Singapore, the average “value add” per semiconductor/electronic worker is about 1.4 times higher than the national average. I believe technical symposiums provide the platform for “sharing of minds” — advancing the community’s technical exchanges and enhancing productivity on a whole.

SEMICON Southeast Asia is at the center of the region’s vibrant and growing industry.  Don’t miss the only microelectronics trade and technology event in Southeast Asia. For information about our exhibitors and technical symposiums, visit our website:

I hope to see you soon!

February 4, 2015