SMC 2014 Speaker - Todd Younkin, Intel - Abstract

Dr. Todd R. Younkin
Senior Staff Research Scientist
Components Research, Advanced Lithography and Novel Materials Group
Intel Corporation 

Continued CMOS Scaling through Exploratory Materials Research
The continued scaling of complex device geometries is driving the need for novel lithographic techniques, self-alignment strategies, and thin film deposition and etch strategies with atomic-layer precision. In this context, novel materials play a key and enabling role. Bringing novel materials to high-
manufacturing requires a highly coordinated research and development pipeline. With the realization that overlay management will limit scaling long before devices and interconnects fail to perform intrinsically, the talk will first outline how extreme UV lithography (EUV) and directed self-assembly (DSA) can simplify patterning by reducing the number of masks and overlay steps. Novel EUV resist materials require amplification mechanisms that overcome acid blur and new strategies to improve shot noise limitations and mechanical stability. For DSA, novel block co-polymers are needed with a higher chi parameter to yield tighter pitch and improved roughness. Thin film deposition with atomic-layer precision is derived from the chemical nature of the precursors and co-reactants. A wide variety of materials can be accessed through judicious choice of precursor and co-reactants and the ability of these molecules to recognize complementary chemical functionality on a surface to enable self-alignment of thin films.