SMC 2014 Speaker - Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide Electronics - Abstract

Dr. Jean-Marc Girard 
Chief Technology Officer

Air Liquide Electronics 

 Reducing Risks of New Materials Development and Deployment through Collaboration and Transparency between Industry Stakeholders

New processes for advanced manufacturing require the adoption of multiple new materials. Many of these are entirely new with no established supply chains and often exhibit extreme physical/chemical properties (high reactivity, low stability, etc.). Such issues create challenges for scale-up, supply chain robustness, and global deployment (regulatory). All this translates into overall process affordability issues that may affect adoption and, in turn, degrade the development ROI of materials suppliers.

The growing need for strict material stability management and early process change notification brings additional strain and risks by demanding significant investment in capabilities (scale, metrology, PCS, etc.) long before adoption certainty.

These challenges should be overcome collectively. Specifically, this can be achieved through early engagement on new molecules between materials suppliers, OEMs, and end-users to enable the integration of supply chain development risk and anticipated process material cost at the molecule selection phase. Early and deep engagements should also prevent mismatches between expectations, needs, and actual HVM supply readiness.