SMC 2014 Speaker - James A. O'Neill, Entegris - Abstract

Dr. James O'Neill
Chief Technology Officer

Accelerating Yield in a Disruptive Environment

In an effort to keep pace with Moore’s Law, device designers and manufacturers increasingly rely on disruptive innovations in the areas of patterning, device design and materials to enable the density and performance gains that are required at each successive technology node. Such innovations increase process complexity and introduce difficult contamination issues making yield ramps more challenging.  With the time between first commercial sample and high volume manufacturing compressing rapidly, speed to yield is key to success in the foundry and IDM market. There is a recognition of increasing interdependency within the semiconductor ecosystem with significant overlap between device, equipment and materials companies. Materials suppliers able to provide integrated solutions are uniquely positioned to work with both device and equipment companies and help accelerate cycles of development and yield learning. Instead of dealing with the time consuming process of implementing a wet chemical formulation on a tool and individually optimizing it with the right filter or dispense technology, the Process Engineer can start envisioning a “bottle-to-nozzle wetted surface solution.” Instead of spec-ing a process gas to increasingly stringent purity levels in the sub-fab to get yield at the wafer, the process engineer can start envisioning an “application-based, clean gas delivery solution at POU.” This presentation will focus on Entegris’ approach to engaging the customer to provide integrated solutions which combine both materials and critical materials handling capabilities to enable new paradigms (full solutions) to the most challenging yield problems.