SMC 2014 Speaker - Tim Hendry, Intel Corporation - Abstract

Tim G. Hendry 
Vice President, Technology Manufacturing Group
Intel Corporation

Keynote: Strategies and New Models for Creating an Affordable Material Supply Chain
The sophistication and reliability of the global supply chains that evolved to support technology industries over the past 50 years is a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance, as well as the power of competitive markets.  In the electronics industry particularly, the coordination among players needed to get the right products to the right markets at the right time and the right price, with uncompromised quality, is staggeringly complex.

Over time, the IC industry has developed a range of best practices that has, when structured to support the interests and capabilities of the key actors in the supply chain and enforced with consistency, created an interlocking range of dependencies.  Ideally, each participant understands their obligations in keeping the growth engine running.  Equally, each participant understands, and learns to depend on, what their customers and industry peers will deliver.  And each aspiring entrant knows what they need to do to be adopted as a trusted participant in the ecosystem.

Looking forward to the challenges of the next decade, the nature of some of these relationships may change:  some grand challenges of the past become the everyday subjects for continuous improvement, while other ‘brick walls’ emerge that are overcome with coordinated partnerships, alliances and collaborative research.  Using the right tool – the right vendor/customer engagement models – is a discipline that will increasingly separate the innovation leaders from the laggards.

This talk will highlight some of the major ‘lessons learned’ in customer/vendor interdependence from the Intel perspective, discuss how different engagement models come into play at different stages of the product innovation and commercialization process, and provide some thoughts on where, why and how new models may emerge.