SMC 2014 Speaker - Wayne Mitchell, Air Products & Chemicals - Abstract

Wayne Mitchell 
Vice President and General Manager, Electronics
Air Products & Chemicals

Simplifying Complexity: A New Paradigm for Supplying Materials to the Semiconductor Industry
The semiconductor industry is facing increasingly challenging demands from their customers. Enhancing device performance, reducing power consumption, shrinking form factors, and lowering the costs for the next generation of smart phones, tablets, PCs and wearables are some of the primary drivers that 
are testing device manufacturers in both the logic and memory spaces. Never before in the history of this industry have materials played such an enabling role in meeting these challenges. New materials are helping to address a widening gap between lithography and critical dimensions, accelerating electrons as they traverse through devices, lowering operating power and reducing heat generation. However, as this age of new materials emerges, the material supplier community is confronted with ever more complex problems including tighter controls on raw material suppliers to assure product quality, measuring impurities at the part-per-trillion level and finding defects that are closing in on the dimensions of molecular clusters. In addition, supply chain issues such as transporting materials that could be toxic, unstable at ambient temperatures or decompose due to reactions within storage vessels are further challenges faced by material suppliers. To be a reliable and sustainable supplier to the semiconductor industry today and tomorrow requires addressing this complexity by simplification. This presentation will address simplification through the use of five simple (SIMPL) rules that can assist material suppliers in becoming strategic suppliers to their customers.