SMC 2014 Speaker - Adrienne Pierce, Edwards Vacuum - Abstract

Adrienne Pierce
Director of Product Management
Edwards Vacuum

Semiconductor manufacturing is made up of a complex network of expert suppliers who focus on delivering components, instruments, and subsystems (SCIS). With the demands of smaller feature sizes and the next innovations, SCIS suppliers must to be more directly engaged with material developers, process engineers, equipment designers and device manufacturers to meet projected performance requirements. SCIS companies have a diverse set of needs but face similar challenges of integrated testing, road map alignment, cost reduction, limited application information and timing to effectively meet the industry’s needs. We have an opportunity to extend existing methodologies and practices to benefit the whole supply chain enhancing the ability to better and cost effectively deliver necessary new technologies. 

• Standards (interface, materials, 450mm, etc.)
• Co-design / Collaboration (innovation, cost-down, standardization)
• New materials alignment
• IP protocol and management (subsystem to OEM vs. device manufacturer)
• Education/awareness (SCIS/supply chain issues)
• COO / Cost reductions (EUV, advanced technology scaling)
• Defectivity (from component to process)
• Roadmap collaboration 

We will highlight two early aspects of SCIS collaboration 1) Nanodefectivity and 2) BKM/roadmap alignment 
leveraging project new materials adoption.