SMC 2014 Speaker - Matt Nowak, Qualcomm - Abstract

Matt Nowak
Senior Director of Engineering
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

Materials Innovation for the Digital 6th Sense Era

The smartphone has become humanity’s most pervasive technology platform, with more people now accessing the internet over their phones than over personal computers. Analysts predict ~ 8 billion smartphones will be shipped between 2014 and 2018, approximately equal to the entire world population, and more than 20 billion “things” will be connected to the internet by 2020. The Qualcomm vision for the next phase of the mobile wireless revolution is the “Digital 6th Sense”, in which our human abilities will be augmented by our connection to cyberspace, the cloud, and intelligent things through our smartphone.  We will move through our days surrounded by connectivity that senses our surroundings, evaluates our health and wellness, intelligently anticipates our needs, and allows us to interact remotely with everyday objects, essentially blurring physical space and cyberspace into a continuous experience that feels like a natural extension of our senses.

To realize this vision, the semiconductor industry must not only continue to deliver higher performance, lower power, and reduced cost through CMOS scaling, but also innovate in chipset architecture and packaging, and enable new functionality with More than Moore technologies.   New materials can play a critical role to solving the challenges in achieving these goals and thus enabling the Digital 6th Sense era.