Todd O. Curtis, Fab-Finder, Inc.

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Todd O. Curtis

Todd O. Curtis, Fab-Finder, Inc.

Todd started his semiconductor career in 1973 at the Hewlett-Packard Opto-Electronics Division in Palo Alto, California. He spent the next 15 years in production and development epitaxial operations at such notable companies as Siemens, Fairchild, Avantek, Gould-Dexcel, and Watkins-Johnson Microwave Group.

In 1989 he began his silicon materials career in Watkins-Johnson Semiconductor Products Division in Scotts Valley, California at the cusp of the industry evolution from 150mm to 200mm wafers. Todd spent the next 15 years with Watkins-Johnson in equipment and process engineering working in production and R&D device and materials operations. Todd worked with and co-published technical papers with companies world-wide including Intel, TSMC, UMC, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Motorola, IBM, Chartered, Samsung, Sematech, SMIC, Toshiba, Sony, and NEC.

His process development work in the early 1990’s on STI (shallow trench isolation), ILD (inter-level dielectrics) and IMD (inter-metal dielectrics) became mainstream production processes used in over 80% of the semiconductor factories world-wide. His last R&D project was at the 22 nanometer technology node for ALD (atomic layer deposition) for high-K gate dielectrics and ALD tunable work-function metal gates.

His 40+ years of materials research and production experience includes III-V's for LED and MESFET's, and over 30 types of silicon related oxides, nitrides, and metals utilized in front-end and back-end applications.

He has been an independent technology consultant since 2003 for equipment and process in the fields of semiconductor, solar, and LED operations. He has lived in Taiwan since the year 2000 and travels frequently to Vietnam in support of his current projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Hue.