SMC 2014 Speaker - E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International - Abstract

E. Jan Vardaman
TechSearch International, Inc.

IC Packaging Materials:  Hot Spots for Growth
Key materials such as underfill for flip chip, dielectrics for bumping and wafer level packaging RDL, and mold compounds make up a significant portion of the materials market for IC packaging.  Which areas show the strongest growth and what new requirements are need to meet market expectations?  This presentation provides insight into the trends in underfill, including capillary flow, non-conductive paste and not-conductive film and the expected growth in the market.  Trends in bump type and bump pitch are provided.  Requirements for WLP dielectrics have changed over the last several years, but the segment continues to exhibit strong growth.  Changes in mold compounds have been required for a variety of packages.  This presentation provides and explanation of the growth drivers and technology trends in each areas and examines the role of wire bond as wire materials continue to transition away from gold.  Highlights from the SEMI/TechSearch International Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook are presented.