China Chapter of HB-LED Committee Established

China Chapter of HB-LED Committee Established

By Kris Shen, SEMI China

Following the footsteps of the successful and productive China PV Committee, China has now established a HB-LED Committee. Formation of the committee was approved by the North American Regional Standards Committee (NARSC) at their Spring 2014 meeting. (For administrative purposes, China, as well as Korea and, report to the NARSC.) The new chapter shares the same scope and charter as the North America HB-LED Committee, striving to improve communication between HB-LED industry materials and equipment manufacturers and purchasers, to shorten time to market and reduce production costs.

The new chapter will be led by Yong Ji, CEO of Guizhou Haotian Optoelectronics, Weizhi Kai, Vice CTO of San’an Optoelectronics, and Ares Fang, President of Suzhou Hyperion Geocrystal. In their petition, the leaders explained how SEMI Standards are very well recognized in China, and that the China LED industry wants to benefit from SEMI standard development methodology, which has been proven to be the most effective and established methodology for standardizing high tech manufacturing.

SEMI China HB-LED Standards meetingSEMI China HB-LED Standards meeting

These leaders have acknowledged how it is critical for China to be involved in standardization efforts, as it is the largest market for LED, particularly HB-LED, and has many influential companies throughout the HB-LED supply chain. They also emphasized that there are world-class LED technologists available at leading China LED companies, and that these companies are capable and willing to invest resources on standards development.

Initial priorities for the chapter will include specifications and test methods for sapphire and other key materials used in crystals, ingots, wafers, patterned sapphire substrates, and chips, as well as specifications and test methods for key performance, quality, and reliability indicators of ingots, wafers, and chips.  The chapter’s first activity approved to start is development of Document 5723, Specification for Single Crystal Sapphire Intended for Use for Manufacturing HB- LED Wafers.

China HB-LED supply chain

Leaders also pledged to collaborate with its counterpart chapter in North America, which has developed four standards to date:

All HB-LED industry technologists, regardless of geographic location, are encouraged to participate in the global HB-LED Committee’s efforts. To register, please contact your local standards staff or visit

SEMI, Standards Watch - June 2014