Tradition Meets Innovation as SEMICON Europa

Tradition Meets Innovation as SEMICON Europa Advances the Industry

New Grenoble location to unveil Innovation Village for Micro/Nanotech, Medtech and Cleantech

By Anne-Marie Dutron, director, Grenoble office, SEMI

The first SEMICON Europa in Grenoble will be the best of both worlds — it includes the traditional programs and exhibits but is enriched with exciting new conference segments and exhibits. For the first time ever, new segments — like electronic components and design and electronic applications for Energy Efficiency, Imaging, Healthcare and Security — are included in the event.  SEMICON Europa’s Grenoble location this year leverages the growing strengths of Europe’s technology businesses, academia and institutions to showcase a diverse array of products  spanning the most advanced innovations in the European microelectronics industry. The new format also reflects the EU’s 10/100/20 strategy to reinforce Europe’s global competitiveness and support vertical integration across the supply chain.

While still focusing on Semiconductor Materials and Equipment, SEMICON Europa (7-9 October) offers an expanded scope relevant to Design, Fabless, IC makers, MEMS, Flexible and heterogeneous electronics, the Back-end, packaging, discrete, components and boards.

In addition to the Exhibition, conference sessions will feature top notch speakers to address industry hot topics. Examples include: Berthold Hellenthal, a semiconductor strategist from AUDI; Pascal Brosset, senior VP Innovation Schneider Electric; Ines Henriques, CEO of Ynvisible; Robert Feuerstein, head of Manufacturing from Continental; and Benedetto Vigna, executive VP of STMicroelectronics.

Three new conferences will support new applications exhibition zone: Imaging without Limits, Low Power Technologies, and Power Electronics (“The Ultimate Path to CO2 Reduction” and “Highly Energy Efficient Nanotechnologies and Applications.”)  The conferences will offer OEM speakers from companies like Audi, Renault, Alstom, Siemens, Nokia, Microsoft, Gemalto, HP, Parrot, Philips Healthcare, Airbus, Schneider Electric, Continental and Sorin.

In addition, a dedicated space on the show floor will showcase promising start-ups at the Innovation Village which will include selected start-ups from Microtech, Nanotech, Medtech and Cleantech. Innovation Village includes: a startup and partner exhibition; Silicon Innovation Forum (keynote presentations, panel discussions, and “elevator pitch” sessions), and an Innovation conference  (Silicon Innovation Forum) and live demos.

In addition to these new segments and programs, SEMICON Europa continues to offer programs and events:

  • Executive: 8th Executive Summit and Reception
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Technology: 18th Fab Managers Forum, and sessions on: ITRS, Fab Productivity,  2D Materials, 450mm, Secondary Equipment, Silicon Photonics, and Lithography
  • Test: MEMUNITY MEMS Testing & Metrology Workshop and the 16th European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC)
  • Packaging: Advanced Packaging Conference and 3D Integration Session
  • MEMS: International MEMS Industry Forum and MEMUITY MEMS Testing & Metrology Workshop
  • TechARENA: Two technology arenas with more than 60 presentations on the latest technologies, products and innovations

SEMICON Europa, now in its third decade, is more than a traditional major trade show… the Grenoble event is THE event for the entire manufacturing supply chains for semiconductor and related industries. With the addition of new segments and new programs, the exhibition will showcase the best of what Europe has to offer — and will create business opportunities for companies across the supply chain to tap into Europe’s expertise and potential.

Join us for SEMICON Europa 2014 in Grenoble and be part of the momentum to strengthen manufacturing in Europe!

June 5, 2014