North America SEMI Standards at SEMICON West 2014

SEMI Standards Update for SEMICON West 2014 

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Since 1973, the SEMI Standards program has brought industry experts together to develop globally accepted technical standards starting from the wafer up. Intended to promote worldwide understanding between users and suppliers, SEMI Standards are based on mutually agreed upon definitions and specifications as related to manufacturing, packaging and practices in the semiconductor industry. SEMI Standards are created through developing consensus in the industry and derived from the broadest possible international base, including representatives from all organizations active in semiconductor and related technologies.

SEMI provides a forum for the essential collaborations that must be achieved to move new and existing markets forward efficiently and profitably. Once again, at SEMICON West 2014 North America SEMI Standards will host meetings, workshops and other standards related activities. Participation in SEMI Standards is open to all interested parties and membership is free.  

North America Standards Meetings at SEMICON West

The NA Standards meetings at SEMICON West will take place July 7–10, from 8:00am-5:00pm at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco, California and will host 14 committees with over 70 task forces engaged in various standardization activities including:  Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits (3DS-IC); Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines; Factory Automation Hardware and Software; Gases and Liquid Chemicals; High Brightness LED (HB-LED); MEMS/NEMS; Photovoltaic and Silicon Wafers.

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Standards Workshops

The first standardized specs targeted silicon wafers and since then the program has expandedalthough wafers remain a key activity area. This year, the workshop will address wafer geometry and control for advanced manufacturing. The session will benefit fab and equipment managers, materials suppliers, fab manufacturers, lead and development engineers, software and service engineers, R&D labs, consortia and all related supply chain management.

Related Standards Activities at SEMICON West 2014

From the supply chain, to chip design, packaging and disruptive technologies, updates on ongoing SEMI Standards efforts will be provided in various TechXPOT venues and STS Sessions throughout SEMICON West 2014. Following are some of the sessions that touch on current or potential standards requirements:

SEMICON West 2014 will be held July 8-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Register Now! 

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Other upcoming SEMICON exhibitions and conferences include SEMICON Taiwan (September 3-5), SEMICON Europa (October 7-9), and SEMICON Japan (December 3-5).

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June 3, 2014