SEMI Members Only: The 450mm Wafer Size Transition - Opportunities for Europe

The 450mm Wafer Size Transition - 
Opportunities for Europe

This event was held on: 7 Feb 2014
Location: Leuven - Belgium
Hosted by imec

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Proposed and supported by BRIDGE450 partners
Organized by Future Horizons, imec, SEMI Europe Grenoble Office

Almost a billion Euros of investment in Europe combined with the G450C initiative based in Albany New York is making the 450mm wafer size transition a reality.  It is forecast that by around 2026 usage of this wafer size will equal that of 300mm.  This transition will inevitably lead to many opportunities for the European Semiconductor E&M community, both in the building of new 450mm fabs and also in improvements to existing 300mm fabs derived from the same new technologies and techniques.  

This workshop was hosted by IMEC and will explained the current status of the transition and emphasized the actions being taken by the European Commission under the FP7 Bridge450 program to ensure European SMEs can be fully involved in this transition.  It will covered progress on the IMEC 450mm Pilot Line and gave updates on the market. 

Posters giving details and latest news from all the European funded 450mm projects were also on display.


Yann Guillou, Business Development Manager, SEMI Europe Grenoble Office
Veroni Ballet, Project Coordinator, imec
 Introducing the Bridge450 Initiative
Mike Bryant, CTO
Future Horizons
  450mm Collaborations – A Viewpoint From an SME
Alain Jarre, CEO
Recif Technologies

Networking Lunch
 IMEC 450mm Pilot Line and Related Technologies
Hans Lebon, sVP Fab and Process Step Development
  Update of the SMART2010/062 Report on 450mm Manufacturing
Malcom Penn, CEO
Future Horizons
  EEMI450 Update and Wrap-up
Bas van Nooten, Consultant and Spokeman EEMI450
Semi Consulting
Coffee and Networking
Speakers and Bridge450 partners will be available for discussions



About BRIDGE450 :   

Bridge450 is a work program defined under the Objective FP7-ICT-2013-11 “An action to develop a European strategy which addresses the challenges in manufacturing for 450 mm in dialogue with G450C and with the US, Korea and Taiwan.”

The members of this program are ASM International NV (Coordinator), Future Horizons, Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung  der Angewandten Forschung E.V., Applied Materials Israel Ltd., RECIF Technologies, Artemis Control AG, SEMI Europe, M+W Germany GmbH and AIS Automation Dresden GmbH.