Sustainable Manufacturing Forum — New at SEMICON West 2014

Sustainability, once a buzzword, is now a differentiating factor in global competitiveness with a growing number of manufacturers realizing substantial and environmental benefits through implementation of sustainable business practices. Industry trends toward “being green” are demonstrated in changes that reach far beyond energy efficiency, pollution control, water conservation, climate protection and environmental impact. Sustainable business practices are driving requirements beyond operations and well into the supply chain and manufacturing.

New at SEMICON West 2014, SEMI EHS will spotlight the importance of sustainability at the four-day Sustainable Manufacturing Forum ( The forum will feature twenty hours of workshops, seminars and roundtable discussions during twelve distinct sessions.

Monday July 7
Session 1 – Sustainable Compliance: USA & Europe
Session 2 – Sustainable Compliance: Asia
Session 3 – Sustainable Materials Procurement

Tuesday July 8
Session 4 – Environmental Footprint Assessment
Session 5 – Green House Gas (GHG) Assessment
Session 6 – Advanced Abatement Systems

Wednesday July 9
Session 7 – Energy / Resource Conservation
Session 8 – Sustainable Technologies Award
Session 9 – Next Generation Eco Fab, Part 1
Session 10 – Next Generation Eco Fab, Part 2

Thursday July 10
Session 11 – Sustainability of Advanced Materials
Session 12 – Fabless Considerations in Manufacturing

To learn more about the Sustainable Manufacturing Forum visit  
where you also can see a complete schedule and description of the forum session.

As a compliment to the Sustainability Manufacturing Forum, the SEMI Global Care program will host a special exhibit pavilion to showcase companies and speakers from around the world, representing manufacturers from semiconductors, micro-electronics, nano-electronics, solar, LEDs, FPD, MEMS and other high-tech producers. The SEMICON West Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion will provide direct opportunities for companies to market their value to a wide variety of customers and their supply chains involved in high tech manufacturing.

Visit the SEMICON West 2014 Sessions/Events page for more about the Sustainability Manufacturing  Pavilion.

Nominate a SEMICON West Exhibitor for the Sustainable Manufacturing Award

To further drive the imperative on sustainable manufacturing, the SEMI Global Care program will present a new award for Sustainable Manufacturing process improvement to a SEMICON West exhibitor who provides equipment, materials, or services that contribute to the sustainable improvement of the environment. If you would like to submit a nomination for this award, please visit the award website ( 

Together, the Sustainability Forum, Pavilion and Award will support the industry’s imperative for greater environmental, energy, and facilities performance. 

May 6, 2014