Biography - Dr. Haisheng Rong, Intel Corporation

Haisheng Rong, PhD
Sr. Scientist, Intel Labs
Intel Corporation

Dr. Haisheng Rong is a senior scientist of Intel Labs, leading a photonics research group, conducting research and development of silicon photonics technology for applications in high speed optical communications and interconnects as well as optical sensing. He has worked in many areas of optical and laser technologies during his career including optical information processing, high-resolution laser spectroscopy, large-scale laser interferometer for gravitational wave detection, and tunable lasers and various micro-optics devices for fiber optical communications. He has won numerous Intel awards including the highest Intel Achievement Award. He was recognized by Scientific American as one of the research leaders in science and technology with Scientific American 50 award for his work on development of silicon Raman lasers. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Prior to joining Intel, he also held research positions at MIT and Caltech. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.