Workshop on the Assessment of Defects in PV Modules

Workshop on the Assessment of Defects in PV Modules

by Stephan Raithel, SEMI Europe 

Intersolar Europe 2014
Hall A3, Room A31/A32 (first floor)
June 5, 2014


Advanced characterization techniques such as electroluminescence and photoluminescence are capable to identify defects in solar modules with crystalline Si solar cells. However, little is known how the various defects impact the long-time performance of the modules. Therefore the PV Materials Committee of SEMI Standards organize a half day workshop in conjunction with Intersolar Europe that addresses the assessment of defects in modules and their potential impact on the long-term performance. This should help in characterizing module defects and to develop methods to eliminate them. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Methods for identifying and characterizing defects in PV solar modules
  • Impact of module defects on module long-term performance
  • Categories of module defects and models for prediction of power performance.

Entry Fee

€ 90 incl. VAT 
(ticket includes the exhibition pass for three days).


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

10:00am - 10:05am

Peter Wagner 
Hubert Aulich


10:05am - 10:30am

Detection of PID
Prof. Werner Bergholz, Jacobs University


10:30am - 10:55am

Inspect 1200kWpeak in 24h with Electroluminscence
Michael Reuter, Solarcenter Stuttgart


10:55am - 11:20am

Advanced EL Module Inspection: From Counting (Micro)Cracks to the Prediction of Upcoming Power Loss
Thomas Manke, pi4


11:20am - 11:45am

Advanced Inspection Technology for Solar Cell and Module Production and Influence of Product Lifetime
Eric Rüland, GPsolar


11:45am - 12:05pm

Metrology for Solar Cell Screening to Minimize Panel Degradation
Thomas Jaehrling, semilab


12:05pm - 12:30pm

Microstructural Characterization of Defects in Solar Modules
Pfor. Dr. Jörg Bagdahn, Fraunhofer CSP


12:30pm - 12:50pm

Module Measurement before, during and after Transport
Schenker, TÜV Rheinland


12:50pm - 1:00pm

Closing, Q&A


SEMI, The Grid – April 2014