Biography - Tony Massimini, Semico Research

Tony Massimini
Chief of Technology
Semico Research

Tony Massimini is Chief of Technology at Semico Research. Tony has been analyzing the market for Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS), sensors, microprocessors (MPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs) in both the computing and embedded control markets. Tony analyzes the MEMS and sensors market covering such topics as Sensor Fusion, smart phones, wearables, medical applications, oscillators, energy harvesting, electronic standards and the Internet of Things.  

Tony Massimini’s electronics experience is with industry leaders: Eastman Kodak, Motorola Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and VLSI Technology. Tony has been an applications engineer for PC chipsets, smart power devices and other semiconductors focused on the computer industry. He is a member of IEEE.  Tony holds a BSEE degree from Northwestern University. He is fluent in Italian.