Supporting Free Trade and the Microelectronics Industry in Russia

Supporting Free Trade and the Microelectronics Industry in Russia

By Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe

Over the next several months, three SEMI events are scheduled with an eye toward enhancing your market position in Europe.

SEMICON Russia, to be held 13-15 May in Moscow, will once again host an international exposition with participants from 30 countries and a Microelectronics Market Conference that provides an unparalleled platform for immersing yourself in the regional market, technology and investment opportunities.

One probably doesn't reference Russia these days without some thought of the current regional tensions and conflict. As a global industry association, SEMI and its members are active in markets around the world. My opinion is that historically trade, commerce and the engagement of peoples from different cultures and countries are acts that work in favor of both prosperity and peace. They stimulate interdependence in times when many other issues are destabilizing. Trade does more to create bonds between people with different views, than almost any other endeavor outside of sports. It’s just more difficult to elevate tensions with those with whom you have a business relationship.

SEMI has a long and effective history of promoting trade in emerging and growing markets. Furthermore, I firmly believe that microelectronics technology have made phenomenal contributions to the betterment of society. Many of the world’s grand challenges in healthcare, medicine, transportation, pollution control, climate science, food production and personal productivity are advanced through semiconductor-dependent technologies. Therefore, SEMI is committed globally — and I am committed in this region — to a relentless focus on business and trade to boost prosperity.

SEMICON Russia will offer market information, technical knowledge and networking opportunities, with Russia set to invest into R&D and industrialization of local semiconductor manufacturing and Russian companies looking for technical alliances to further develop their products.

The Microelectronics Market Conference on May 13 will provide a very effective platform for learning about the regional and global market, identifying promising areas for investment, establishing new contacts and developing mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and foreign companies. The year’s edition will focus on “Shaping up the Russian Microelectronics Industry.”  The opening keynote will be provided by Alexey Komissarov, director of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow City Government. In addition, Frost & Sullivan will present new data based on their recent market research on the electronic and semiconductor segment in Russia. Other speakers featured at the Microelectronics Conference include representatives from: CNII Electronica, Concern Vega, ETU “LETI” SPb, El-Tech SPb, CrocusNano Electronics, Russian MEMS Association, and STMicroelectronics.

In addition, the SEMI Brussels Forum (3 June), now in its 8th year, and SEMICON Europa, for the 1st time in Grenoble (7-9 October) are addressing the microelectronics industry in Europe.

I hope to see you soon at a SEMI event in Moscow, Brussels, or Grenoble.

April 2, 2014