Making a Difference: SEMI Foundation Honors Rick Wallace and L.T. Guttaduaro

Making a Difference: SEMI Foundation Honors Rick Wallace and L.T. Guttaduaro

High Tech U Expands the Horizons of Students and Teachers

At the Industry Strategy Symposium on January 13, the SEMI Foundation presented awards to Rick Wallace, CEO and president of KLA-Tencor, and L.T. Guttaduaro, executive director of the Fab Owners Association.  Under their leadership, KLA-Tencor and the Fab Owners Association have provided outstanding support to the SEMI Foundation and High Tech U through donations, vision and volunteer efforts. Both of these men have a deep commitment to the idea of helping expand possibilities for young people and their teachers.

Over that last four years, Rick Wallace has been a very strong supporter of High Tech U.  KLA-Tencor has made very generous annual donations and has hosted four HTU programs at the company’s Milpitas, Calif. facility.  KLA-Tencor’s enthusiasm for reaching out to young people and supporting their interest in high-tech careers has been exceptional and very much appreciated by students, parents, teachers and the Foundation.  They are truly making a difference in Silicon Valley.

L.T. Guttaduaro has been a crusader for the Foundation and HTU for the last three years.  As a result of Guttaduaro's vision and support, SEMI has expanded the HTU network to Colorado and Maine and built programs in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Texas.  The support of the FOA is important to the Foundation.  Guttaduaro’s  willingness to reach out to his members has given the SEMI Foundation new education partners including Spansion, Fairchild, Atmel, ON Semiconductor, TriQuint, Ebara and many more high tech companies. 

The SEMI Foundation and High Tech U

The SEMI Foundation was created in 2001 to support education in the area of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The key program of the SEMI Foundation is SEMI High Tech U (HTU). Focused on young people in high school, the program has touched over 6,000 students directly and teachers worldwide over the past ten years.

HTU is a hands-on STEM career exploration program that is industry driven and supported. HTU is financed by the generosity of our member companies worldwide. Over 5,000 industry professionals have volunteered to help deliver the program to our students — many of them serving as instructors.  Since 2001 over 500 companies have supported the SEMI High Tech U program.  We have delivered High Tech U programs in 13 states and nine countries.

SEMI appreciates the support of all its sponsors and supporters for their continued support and willingness to help expand the horizons of so many young people and teachers.

10 Reasons to Sponsor SEMI High Tech U

  1. High Tech U Gets Students Excited about High Tech Careers:  In surveys, High Tech U graduates have consistently agreed or strongly agreed that our program helped them gain a better understanding of how math, science and technology are used to solve problems in the “real world.”

  2. High Tech U is Effective:  In our most recent survey, 100 percent of High Tech U graduates reported that they are taking, or are planning to take STEM courses (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in college as a result of High Tech U.

  3. HTU Delivers Life and Career Changing “Ah Ha” Moments: Students love their electronic devices, but few make the connection between the technology they rely on so heavily, and future career choices. High Tech U changes that. In program after program, students experience magical "ah ha!" moments that help turn curriculum choices into exciting career paths.

  4. Our Curriculum is Relevant — And Cool: High Tech U curriculum is designed and continuously updated by industry and education professionals to ensure that it remains cutting edge, and relevant. Our graduates consistently tell us we make high tech “cool.”

  5. We’re Expanding our Reach, Helping to Build a Global High Tech Workforce: We’re helping build a global high tech workforce. Since its inception the Foundation has delivered 161 High Tech U programs to nearly 4,500 secondary school students and over 900 of their teachers in 13 U.S. states and five countries: Australia, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, The Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates (held in Singapore).

  6. We Maximize Resource Use: To expand the reach of our High Tech U programs, we encourage sponsors to become licensees, taking responsibility for presenting programs with minimal assistance from Founda­tion staff. Currently Infineon, MATEC (Maricopa Advance Technology Education Center), Soitec, and STMicro­electronics are licensees.

  7. We Maximize Program Effectiveness by Staying in Touch with Students:  We keep the High Tech U momentum going through periodic alumni reunions. By offering networking opportunities and continuing education activities at these events, we reinforce the importance of staying on the college math and science track.

  8. Educators are Enthusiastic about SEMI High Tech U:  High Tech U has been described by teachers as the perfect marriage between the work they do in their classrooms and preparing students to meet the needs of industry. Over 900 teachers have attended High Tech U Teacher Edition, learning how to incorporate aspects of High Tech U curriculum in their teaching modules.

  9. High Tech U Aligns with our Sponsors’ Community Outreach Goals: SEMI High Tech is viewed as an important program by a growing number of companies working in their local communities to help develop a high-tech workforce. For some, the work of the SEMI Foundation helps support their company's mission and community service objectives. Others have a deep commitment to the idea of helping expand possibilities for young people. No matter what the reason, all agree that High Tech U is an important endeavor that deserves their continued support.

  10. Our Base of Sponsors and Higher Education Partners Continues to Grow: From a handful of companies a decade ago, we can now proudly say our base of sponsoring companies has grown tremendously (see Sponsor Chart below). These sponsors provide support in a number of critical ways: financial; making facilities available for hosting High Tech U programs; and encouraging professional employees to serve as volunteer class instructors. 


The SEMI Foundation Welcomes your Support

The SEMI Foundation welcomes your financial contributions, which help support the activities of the SEMI Foundation, including the Foundation’s scholarships and High Tech U programs.  Because the SEMI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, all contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. tax reporting.  If you would like to make a contribution of any amount, please make checks payable to SEMI Foundation, and mail to SEMI Foundation, 3081 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA, USA 95134.

Sponsorships — Creating New Partners

Although we have been successful, our objective is to help more students annually via a substantial increase in the overall activity of HTU.  To grow the work of the SEMI Foundation, we need a larger financial base that will extend the impact of the Foundation.  Cornerstone Sponsorships are $50,000 per year.

For more information about the SEMI Foundation and High Tech U, visit, email or call 1.408.943.7860.

The SEMI Foundation also thanks our 2013 Sponsors


March 5, 2014