Learning about the Next Best Thing

Learning about the Next Best Thing

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

Learning about the “next best thing” is easy for many topics — networking in the hallway at work, doing a web search, chatting with friends, or Facebooking your request.  If you want to attend a conference, it seems that there is a conference for absolutely everything.

But where do industry technologists go to network, learn and share knowledge on new and best-method semiconductor manufacturing practices and concepts?  I am talking about the kind of learning that goes beyond hallway conversations and online surfing… where do you go to really learn what others in the industry are up to and involved in?

The 25th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) is right around the corner on May 19-21 in Saratoga Springs, New York. It features over 37 hours of technical presentations and 90+ speakers covering all aspects of advanced semiconductor manufacturing.  In addition to keynotes from Dr. Been-Jon Woo, VP at TSMC, and Dean Freeman, VP at Gartner, ASMC 2014 will feature a special 25th Anniversary Panel entitled 25 Years of Semiconductor Manufacturing: Accomplishments, Current Challenges, Future Directions — From the Internet to the Internet of Things.”  Panelists — from Applied Materials, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Rochester Institute of Technology, Qualcomm, and SEMATECH — will discuss the industry's most important accomplishments over the last 25 years, industry challenges now, and their vision for the future of the industry.

In addition to expositions (including SEMICONs) and executive and technical conferences, SEMI creates events and regional networking opportunities in locations across the United States.  Many of these are coordinated by local volunteer committees of SEMI members. Recently, on March 4 in Austin, Texas, SEMI hosted the Texas Tech Tuesday, with “Green Revolution Cooling” which focused on cutting the electricity needed to cool servers. Upcoming events include: 

  • Reading, Mass.: On March 26, the SEMI Northeast Forum will present a 3-hour “Wafers to Wall Street — a Semiconductor Outlook.”  Industry experts — from Applied Materials, Goldman Sachs, Semico, Semiconductor Advisors, and Teradyne — will discuss the long- to short-term outlook for the semiconductor industry, including challenges presented by end market drivers. 
  • San Jose, Calif.: On April 10, the SEMI Silicon Valley Breakfast Forum will present a 3½ -hour event on “The Internet of Things (IoT) — Driving the Microelectronics Revolution.” Presenters include Applied Materials, ARM, Gartner, IEEE, and SEMI.
  • Chandler, Arizona:  On April 17, the Arizona Breakfast Forum will host a 3½ -hour “The Internet of Things” program hosted by Intel. With speakers from Freescale, Intel, Medtronic, Semico Research, and TIRIAS Research, the event provides an update on industry trends and an up close look at the Arizona technology network.
  • Austin, Texas: On April 22, the SEMI Texas Spring Forum will present a 4-hour event themed  “How the Internet of Things will Impact New Manufacturing Solutions” with presentations from  Applied Materials, ARM Inc, Brewer Science, Cisco, Freescale, Intel, and TEL America.
  • Hillsboro, Oregon: On May 1, the SEMI Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum will focus on “New Memory Technology,” in a 2½-hour program with speakers from IHS, Intel, Lam Research, Matheson, and SanDisk.  Paradigm shifts in memory technology and architecture are occurring as memory devices hit the scaling limits. Hear about the alternatives. 

For a listing of all SEMI events, visit www.semi.org/en/EventsTradeshows.  For more information on regional committees in Austin, the Northeast, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, and Silicon Valley, and to offer other ideas that will help you to stay connected with SEMI, contact me at ksavala@semi.org.

For other SEMI members not in these regions, and for all SEMI members who are busy and need important information on-demand, we offer webinars.  The webinars and archives are available at no charge for SEMI members. For example, on February 27, SEMI offered a webinar on “Semiconductor Market Overview and Packaging Materials Trends” with Dan Tracy and Jan Vardaman. The webinar is available in the “Members Only”  webinar  archives — visit  www.semi.org/en/node/38101.  In addition, technical classes are listed on the SEMI Training Calendar:  www.semi.org/en/EventsTradeshows/Training

In San Jose, a number of activities are planned, including North American Standards Meetings on March 30- April 3, training programs and other special events. For upcoming Standards programs, check the SEMI International Standards Event Calendar webpage (www.semi.org/en/Standards/CalendarEvents) and email newsletters (like this SEMI Global Update and Standards Watch; to subscribe, visit: www.semi.org/en/About/newsletters

In addition, SEMI offers Special Interest Groups provide industry and subject matter specialization to help support SEMI members. For more information, visit: www.semi.org/en/Industries.    

I hope to see you soon at a SEMI event.          

March 5, 2014