Two Major SEMI Japan Standards Awards Presented to Industry Leaders during SEMICON Japan 2013

Two Major SEMI Japan Standards Awards Presented to Industry Leaders during SEMICON Japan 2013

SEMI Japan honored four industry leaders for their outstanding accomplishments in developing standards for the microelectronics and related industries. The SEMI Standards awards were announced at a reception held during SEMICON Japan 2013. The 2013 SEMI Japan International Collaboration Award was presented to Ms. Supika Mashiro of Tokyo Electron and Mr. Sensho Kobayashi also of Tokyo Electron (as a group).

Ms. Mashiro and Mr. Kobayashi have been actively involved in the Physical Interface and Carrier (PI & C) Technical Committee activity.  Ms. Mashiro has led the International Process Module Physical Interface Task Force as a task force leader and Mr. Kobayashi dedicated his time as a document author of the 450mm Cluster Module Interface, Mechanical Interface and Transport Standard.

Although there were many significant challenges between Japan and Europe in development, Ms. Mashiro and Mr. Kobayashi resolved the issues with their perseverance and strong communication efforts. Their efforts led to the publishing of E166 in 2013.

Their efforts continue with E166 and they are collaborating with the International 450mm Physical Interfaces & Carrier Task Force to revise E154.

The Japan Regional Standards Committee (JRSC) Honor Award was awarded to Ms. Yoshimi Shiramizu and Mr. Iwao Higashikawa for 2013.

Ms. Shiramizu has been actively involved in test method for silicon wafers since 2008.  She has focused on building consensus as one of the task force leaders.  Recently, the task force has been working on Test Methods for Analyzing Organic Contaminants on Silicon Wafer Surfaces by Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography and she has arbitrated the issues with her patience and sincere efforts.  Her well balanced leadership accelerated the task force activity globally.  In addition, she is dedicated to collaborating with ITRS.

Mr. Higashikawa contributed significantly to SEMI Standards Program activities for many years in the Micropatterning Committee and Micropatterning Division. He also served as a member of the Audit & Review subcommittee. He has been dedicated to collaborating as a device maker to the SEMI Standards Program activities, and  he contributed to the group's decision-making with his objective and impartial perspective in the Japan Regional Standards Committee.  Mr. Higashikawa retired from TOSHIBA Corporation in March 2013.

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February 4, 2014