SEMI Members Only Industry Strategy Symposium 2014


This event was held from January 12-14, 2014.

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Monday, January 13SESSION 1: ECONOMIC TRENDS:  Download Session 1 Presentations Here

Session Keynote:

 "Economic Outlook"
Dr. Robert C. Fry  (Biography)
Senior Economist

 STRATFOR Geopolitical Outlook 2014

Dr. Matthew Gertken (Biography)
Senior East Asia Analyst

 Major Forces Shaping the Future Integrated Circuit Industry
Bill McClean
IC Insights

 Semiconductor Equipment Outlook: Mobile Today, Cloud Tomorrow
Bob Johnson
Research Vice President

 Materials Supply Challenges in the Face of Accelerating Change in the
IC Industry

Mark Thirsk
Managing Partner
Linx Consulting

SESSION 2:MARKET  PERSPECTIVES: Download Session 2 Presentations Here

Session Keynote:

 Pervasive Computing-An Enabler for Future Growth
Nick Yu
Vice President of Engineering

 Silicon: The Beginning of the Electronics and Media Value Chain
Dale Ford
Vice President and Chief Analyst

 Context is Everything
Lama Nachman
Principal Engineer, Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research
Intel Corporation

 Memory Growth & Investment in the Mobile Era
Pablo Temprano (Biography)
Senior Director
DRAM and Graphics Memory Marketing
Samsung Semiconductor

 The Power of Progress: Our Interconnected World
Rodney Morgan (Biography)
Vice President of Procurement
Micron Technology


Tuesday, January 14 SESSION 3:TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES:   Download Session 3 Presentations Here


Session Keynote:

   Delivering Complexity to Beyond the Leading Edge
Dr. Michael  Mayberry (Biography)
Vice President, Director, Components Research
Intel Corporation

 System Scaling Technologies and Opportunities for Future IT
Workloads and Systems

Dr. Jon Casey (Biography)
IBM Fellow, System Scaling Technologies and Opportunities

 Programmable Platforms - Essential to Leverage Further Logic Scaling
Dr. Ivo Bolsens (Biography)
Sr. VP and CTO

 Logic Scaling Beyond 10nm
Dr. An Steegen
Senior Vice President, Process Technology

 The Foundry Answer to Technology, Cost, and Moore Scaling
Dr. Bryan Rice
Senior Director of R&D Transformation


 The 450 MM Transition and Moore’s Law
Paul Farrar (Biography)
General Manager, 
Global 450mm Consortium

 Why the Technology Road Maps for the Semiconductor Industry Will Be Different in Futrure
Dr. Handel Jones (Biography)
Founder and CEO
International Business Strategies

SESSION 4:OPPORTUNITIES AT THE EDGE:   Download Session 4 Presentations Here


Session Keynote:
 Open Public Display Networks: A Communications Medium for the 21st Century
Prof. Nigel Davies, Ph.D. (Biography)
Professor, School of Computing and Communications
Lancaster University

 Pervasive Computing Opportunities for Developers in Handset-based
Mobile Device Management
Dr. Scott Hotes (Biography)
Location Labs

 The Sound of Silence and Other Applications and Challenges for Pervasive Sensing
Dr. Mary Baker (Biography)
Senior Research Scientist
HP Labs

 Driving Grass-Roots Innovation

Mark Randall (Biography)
Chief Strategist, VP Creativity
Adobe Systems

Wednesday, January 15 Download Closing Session Presentations Here

 Pervasive Computing -->Pervasive Storage
Manish Bhatia (Biography)
Senior Vice President, WW Operations

 Profitable Growth in a  Diminishing Cost Reduction Era
Dr. Mahesh Sanganeria  (Biography)
RBC  Capital Markets