Call for papers: Workshop on the Assessment of Defects in PV Modules

Call for papers: Workshop on the Assessment of Defects in PV Modules
at Intersolar Europe 2014

Advanced characterization techniques such as electroluminescence and photoluminescence are capable to identify defects in solar modules with crystalline Si solar cells. However, little is known how the various defects impact the long-time performance of the modules. Therefore, the SEMI Standards PV Materials Committee is organizing a half-day workshop in conjunction with Intersolar Europe on 5 June that will address the assessment of defects in modules and their potential impact on the long-term performance. This should help in characterizing module defects and to develop methods to eliminate them. The Committee therefore calls for presentations/papers dealing with the following subjects:

  • Methods for identifying and characterizing defects in PV solar modules

  • Impact of module defects on module long-term performance

  • Categories of module defects and models for prediction of power performance.

Each presentation should not exceed 20 minutes with discussion, so that about 10 presentations can be discussed at the workshop.

Authors are invited to send a title and a short abstract of a planned presentation by February 15, 2014.
A final program will then be prepared and distributed by March 15, 2014, provided that a sufficient number of applications are obtained.

Submit abstracts to:

Organized by: SEMI SEMI Standards Supported by: VDMA