Biography - Dr. BJ Woo, TSMC

Dr. BJ Woo
Vice President of Business Development

Dr. BJ Woo is Vice President of Business Development at TSMC, having been appointed to that position in November 2013.  Prior to that, she served as Director of TSMC's Business Development Division, heading that organization since March, 2013.  Dr. Woo joined TSMC as Senior Director of the Advanced Technology Marketing Division in April 2009, where she was responsible for the advanced technology roadmap and technology definition for the 28/20 nm process technology that targeted high performance and low power applications.

Prior to joining TSMC, BJ spent most of her career at Intel Corporation where she held various senior manager positions in the technology development group. She owns 13 patents and was nominated by Intel to enter the Hall of Fame for WITI (women-in-technology-international) in 2006.

BJ received her B.S. degree from National Taiwan University and her PhD from University of Southern California.