ISS 2014 Speaker: Nick Yu, Qualcomm

Nicholas Yu
Vice President of Engineering
CDMA Technologies Division

Nick Yu is a Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm’s CDMA Technologies Division. He is currently responsible for setting Qualcomm’s semiconductor technology roadmaps including wafer fab process node, backend interconnect and packaging technologies. He manages engineering teams that are involved with our supply chain partners on execution of the technology roadmaps for Qualcomm’s chipset products. Nick has 21 years of experience with Qualcomm on low power wireless chipset and SoC development, including managing chipset design, advanced semiconductor technology, deep submicron circuit design and methodology development, advanced semiconductor R&D and packaging development. He is one of the architects of, and has participated in the definition and development of, many Qualcomm chipset products.  Nick has an MSEE degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.