World’s Top 100 Most Innovative Organizations for 2013

SEMI Members Dominate World’s Top 100 Most Innovative List for 2013

Thomson Reuters announced its 2013 Top 100 Global Innovators list, honoring 100 corporations and institutions around the world that are at the heart of innovation as measured by a series of proprietary patent-related metrics. Twenty-seven of the companies are SEMI members.

The 100 organizations in the 2013 study outperformed the S&P 500 for the third consecutive year, by 4 percent in annual stock price growth and 2 percent in market cap weighted revenue growth. The Top Innovators also added 266,152 new jobs over the last year, a rate that was 0.81 percent higher than the new job creation rate among constituents of the S&P 500. This year’s winners also outspent the S&P 500 by 8.8 percent on R&D; collectively they invested $223 billion in their research and development efforts.

SEMI members listed on the Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovators include:

Air Products (U.S.)
Arkema (France)
Canon (Japan)
Corning (U.S.)
Dow Chemical (U.S.)
DuPont (U.S.)
Fraunhofer (Germany)
Honeywell (U.S.)  
Intel (U.S.)
Micron (U.S.)
Mitsubishi Electric (Japan)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (Japan) 
Olympus (Japan)
Panasonic  (Japan)  
Saint-Gobain  (France)
Samsung (S. Korea)  
SanDisk (U.S.)
Sandvik (Sweden)
Seiko Epson (Japan)
Shin-Etsu Chemical (Japan) 
Siemens (Germany)
STMicroelectronics (Switzerland)
Sumitomo  (Japan)
TDK (Japan)
Toshiba (Japan)

The surge in R&D spending among Top 100 Global Innovators is also noteworthy.  With the 100 organizations in the study spending U.S. $223.2 billion on R&D in 2012, the group outspent the S&P 500 by over 8.8 percent on R&D last year. Additionally, the Top 100 spend 5 percent of revenue on R&D, whereas the S&P 500 spend just 2.1 percent of revenue in this area.  

North America continued to lead in the number of organizations it has on the list, with 46 this year, comprising 45 from the U.S. and one from Canada. Asia had the next highest, with 32, comprising 28 from Japan, 3 from South Korea and 1 from Taiwan. Europe contributed 22 honorees, with the largest representation coming from France (12) and Switzerland (4).   Mainland China is again absent from this year’s list of Top 100 Global Innovators.  While China leads the world in patent volume, the majority of patents filed in the country are only filed domestically, which limits the region’s global influence in the Top 100 Global Innovators study.

The semiconductor and electronic components industry continued to lead in 2013, with 23 representative companies, a 28 percent increase over the previous year. Semiconductor representation has increased by 64 percent since the program’s inception, when there were just 14 semiconductor companies on the list. Computer hardware was the next most prolific industry, with 11 companies.

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January 8, 2014