Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy holds Excellent PV Product Assessment Program

Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy holds Excellent PV Product Assessment Program

Topper Sun Energy, General Energy Solutions, Solartech Energy, Neo Solar Power All Made the Grade

By SEMI Taiwan

In order to emphasize the quality and international competitiveness of photovoltaic (PV) products from Taiwan, the Bureau of Energy held an Excellent PV Product Assessment Program. By means of a rigorous testing and review process based on the latest IEC PV Standards, high quality PV products that offer safety, performance and reliability were selected from among the variety of products that were voluntarily entered into the assessment. Four companies Topper Sun Energy Technology Inc., General Energy Solutions Inc., Solartech Energy Corporation, Neo Solar Power Corporation were presented awards. It is hoped that this Excellent PV Product Assessment will serve as a guide to consumers when purchasing PV products and also assist Taiwan’s PV industry make progress towards the development of higher quality and higher efficiency products.

The assessment items for this program covered all of the functions and attributes of PV products such as safety (IEC 61730-2:2004), performance (IEC 61215:2005) and reliability (IEC 61701:2011 (sev.6). Of these, the products had to maintain module efficiency of 15% or above. For the reliability items, the most rigorous level 6 was used for salt mist testing. The testing lasted for a period of 56 days and degradation of maximum output power had to be kept within 5% of the value recorded prior to testing to meet the rigorous environmental challenges that PV products must endure in island / ocean climates and due to salt spray from snowy road surfaces in winter months. The Excellent PV Product recognition for PV products can provide added assurance to users and banks.

To enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s PV industry, the Bureau of Energy has commissioned the Industrial Technology Research Institute from 2009 to establish a PV testing system including a fire prevention testing system, a high power converted testing system, a large outdoor service life testing site, a large-scale salt mist testing system, ammonia testing system. For the assessment program this year, the Excellent PV Product Assessment Program was presented to encourage the domestic PV industry to aim towards high quality and empower the overall industry.

The products that passed the assessment in this Excellent PV Product Assessment Program all had to meet quality specifications in the fields of safety, performance  and reliability testing and meet PV product quality requirements for international markets including Europe, US, Australia and Japan. The Excellent PV Product certificate was given to four companies in recognition of their achievement.

In addition to maintaining a high level of capacity utilization, increasing product unit price and raising production value and profitability should be a focus of Taiwan’s PV industry development remarked by Bureau of Energy. The PV market has entered a period of flourishing growth. In order to pass the Excellent PV Product Assessment, the product had to meet the rigorous standards of the international market so being qualified will enhance their brand image and consumer trust. By raising the bar for the entire industry, both technology and quality are improved through virtuous competition.