"Smart Life" Future Dependent on Continued Advances in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

"Smart Life" Future Dependent on Continued Advances in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

SEMICON China 2014 to Feature "Smart Life Pavilion" Showcase of Smart Products and Applications

The growing mobility of the Internet, increased semiconductor content in commercial and consumer products, and increased integration of these products to wired and wireless networks is giving rise to the vision of a world of smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, even smart clothing. Achieving this "Smart Life" future, however, is still dependent on continued advances in microelectronics design and manufacturing.

Smart, Internet-connected products of the scale being proposed by proponents of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) future, depends on microelectronics — including semiconductors, sensors, radios, and power devices — continuing on the Moore's Law path to reduce size and power consumption and increase performance and cost efficiencies, as well as advances in "More than Moore" technologies that enable new products and applications for microelectronics.

China has emerged as a strong proponent of "Smart City" and "Smart Life" development, and this has supported the establishment by SEMI of new technical committees focused on meeting the design and manufacturing needs for enabling the microelectronics need for smart products. In October, SEMI China established an Assembly and Testing committee whose initial focus is to examine development of low-cost 3D IC/TSV solutions, with new packaging and assembly design being critical to advancing new smart products.

This March, SEMICON China (www.semiconchina.org/) will for the first time feature a "Smart Life Pavilion" which will showcase "Smart Life" products and applications and demonstrate the ways microelectronics will better enable the IoT future. Smart home, smart building, and other "smart" applications will provide visitors a preview of life with greater integration and interconnection enabled by advanced microelectronics, while other exhibits and participating companies will demonstrate the system design, IC design, and manufacturing technologies needed to achieve this "smart" future.  Learn more here: www.semiconchina.org/


December 3, 2013