ISS 2014 Speaker: Lama Nachman, Intel_Biography

Lama Nachman
Principal Engineer
Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research

Lama Nachman is a Principal Engineer in Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research. Her current research is focused on creating contextually aware experiences that understand users through sensing and sense making and act on that context to help with many aspects of their lives.  Lama has 16 years of experience in the areas of computer architecture, context aware computing, multi-modal adaptive interfaces, embedded systems, wireless technologies and sensor networks. Previous assignments at Intel involved researching and developing the next generation of self-organizing sensor network nodes (Intel Mote Platforms). Lama has pioneered deployments of these technologies in health applications as well as various commercial and industrial settings. Other major achievements include the development and performance evaluation of microarchitecture components for the Itanium® 2 processor family. Prior to joining Intel, Lama has held senior positions at Ubicom Inc, Weave Innovations and Microsoft Corporation. Lama received her MS and BS in computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.