ISS 2014 Speaker: Scott Hotes, Location Labs_Biography

Scott A. Hotes, Ph.D.
CTO & SVP Engineering
Location Labs

Scott is the biggest brain in our company — he specializes in launching massively scalable software implementing advanced algorithms. Prior to Location Labs, he was a lead architect at Silicon Graphics, Inc. where he spearheaded numerous enhancements to the SGI Irix operating system. Scott was also a lead architect at the United States Department of Defense, where he implemented data mining and machine learning algorithms in Internet security and traffic modeling applications. He has published in a wide range of disciplines, from discrete mathematics and elementary particle theory, to analytical chemistry and geo-physics. He has also at worked at three Department of Energy National Laboratories, including the National Institute of Science and Technology and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Scott has a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the University of California and lives in Berkeley with his wife, artist Marilyn Hotes.