ISS 2014 Abstract: Dale Ford, IHS

Silicon: The Beginnings of the Electronics & Media Value Chain

Dale Ford
Chief Analyst, Head of Electronics and Semiconductor Research

Participants in the semiconductor industry live in a paradoxical world where technology pushes the extreme limits of small size, power and cost to enable powerful products and amazing solutions that not only reshape but revolutionize the world on an ongoing basis.  This is a world where measurements in the nano, pico and femto dimensions enable performance in the mega, giga and tera realms. Similarly, the semiconductor industry, with total revenues measuring a small fraction of a percent of the global economy, is arguably one of the most powerful forces in the modern world, rivaling the energy sector in its importance. This presentation will provide insights on the interactions between key points of the electronics value chain ranging from semiconductors & electronics to services & media and consumers & corporations. Drawing on IHS’s comprehensive coverage of the electronics & media value chain, Mr. Ford will present projections and perspectives on the future of the semiconductor and electronics industries. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Competitive dynamics and positioning of key electronics OEMs and semiconductor suppliers
  • Projections and perspectives on the electronics markets with emphasis on major demand drivers for semiconductors
  • The influence of the global economy and other key forces that will shape the growth of the semiconductor industry
  • Growth forecasts for major semiconductor component families
  • Implications for electronics & media supply chain participants of the evolving economics of the semiconductor industry