Top Executives Gather at SEMICON Japan to speak about Technologies, Business and the Future

Top Executives Gather at SEMICON Japan to Speak about Technologies, Business and the Future

The semiconductor industry and its supply chain are facing technical and business challenges today. In this uncertain economy, each company is required to make its own decisions on resource allocation for challenges such as 450mm, EUVL, 3D-ICs, printed electronics and new transistor architectures, and the decisions may eventually determine the future of the company. At SEMICON Japan 2013 (December 4-6 at Makuhari, Japan), global executives around the world will gather to share their opinions and expertise with you — indispensable in helping you make strategic decisions for your company.

Views on Industry-wide Growth Strategies by Top Executives from Japan, the U.S. and Europe

Chibachi - AISTOn December 4, SEMICON Japan 2013 will start with the Opening Keynotes featuring three global executives to speak about the industry growth into the future. The first speaker, Ryoji Chubachi, president at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technologies, will present a scenario for Japanese semiconductor industry to recover the brilliance it had in the past.  He sees the total strength of entire semiconductor supply chain from materials and equipment to device still exists in Japan and facilitating open innovations will lead Japan to resume the position in the global semiconductor industry.


The second speaker, Ajit Manocha, CEO at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, will examine the evolution and future of the foundry model, the technical and business drivers reshaping the landscape, and how fabless and IDM companies must change their perspective on what has worked in the past, regardless of how you define leading edge.

Boudre - Soitec

Lastly, the third speaker, Paul Boudre, CEO at Soitec, will illustrate how engineered substrates technologies can bring innovation by pushing “Moore’s law” and “More Than Moore” further in the mobile era where the electronic industry is driven by the “always connected” trend and the insatiable user demand for faster processing, increased data rates and longer battery life. 

Win-Win Collaboration and Partnership Success Stories Given by SMIC and CSR

With the acceleration of technology innovations and diversification of customer needs, semiconductor value chain players are required to optimize their research and development activities besides improving productivities. For this, effective and “win-win” collaborations among the partners including foundries, IDMs, fabless, equipment and materials suppliers is indispensable.

GSA ForumOn December 4, the GSA Forum, cosponsored by SEMI and the Global Semiconductor Association and chaired by Shozo Saito, executive advisor at Toshiba, will deliver presentations on “win-win” collaboration and partnership strategies by two GSA directors, Tsu-Yin Chiu, CEO at SMIC and Joep van Beurden, CEO at CSR plc. SMIC has expanded its foundry business through collaborations with fabless companies in China and Europe. CSR has sold its cellphone technologies to Samsung in 2012 to focus on its more profitable core businesses. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion with the above speakers and executives from ATREG, Tokyo Electron and JSR.

450mm Updates in the Face of Industry Adoptions

SEMICON shows in key semiconductor manufacturing regions have been served to the industry as a venue for information exchange and sharing for an efficient transition to 450mm production. At SEMICON Japan 2013, you will find critical information both on the show floor and in the technical sessions, but reserving your seat at 450mm Executive Forum on December 5 is a “must.” 

450mm UpdatesIn this forum, Paul Farrar, general manager at G450C will talk about how the IC makers and the Equipment suppliers are working together to reduce the cost of the transition through the G450C consortium activities at CNSE and the current status of those activities, key milestones and schedules.  Roger De Keersmaecker, imec’s EVP, sees how a chip cost reduction by 30 percent can follow from transitioning to a 450mm wafer due to an increased manufacturing efficiency, but he also recognizes major innovations needed to achieve this cost reduction.

Sekiguchi Image

From the equipment community, Nikon and Tokyo Electron will present the recent progress in the equipment development. Kazuo Ushida, EVP and president of Precision Equipment Company at Nikon, will discuss how Nikon offers 450mm lithography solution by extending its proven 193 immersion core technology. Tokyo Electron’s VP and GM at SPE Marketing & Process Development Division, Akihisa Sekiguchi, will talk about the company’s 450mm tool development status, current problems and issues, and lessons learned so far from this challenge.

ARM Japan President to Speak at SEMI Market Seminar

Utsumi - ARMWith improved ASPs, Flash and DRAM companies are increasing investments for advanced technologies and capacity expansion in 2014.  In addition, spending by pure foundry players will also dominate the 2014 equipment spending outlook. At 2013 year-end, the SEMI Market Seminar will examine the semiconductor supply chain market for the next years. As a keynote to this session, Yuzuru Utsumi, president at ARM K.K., will talk about market trends, the ARM vision for the future and the latest technologies from the stand point of semiconductor IP market leader with a more than 95 percent share of the smartphone and tablet market.

Market SeminarIHS Global’s Japan office representative, Akira Minamikawa, will then give the electronics market trends in the next ten years and how these will affect the semiconductor market growth. Hiroshi Kusama, the chairman of WSTS Japan Chapter, will present the organization’s autumn 2013 forecast that is scheduled to be press released just before SEMICON Japan 2013. Finally, Daniel P. Tracy, senior director of Industry Research and Statistics at SEMI will discuss the SEMI 2013 year-end semiconductor equipment forecast and the latest materials market forecast.

SEMICON Japan SuperTHEATER will Present More Executive Programs

SEMICON Japan Super TheaterWhile comprehensive, this summarizes only some of the executive programs offered at this year’s SEMICON Japan. The above mentioned programs (except the Market Seminar) will be presented at SEMICON Japan SuperTHEATER, which will have nine such high-level programs in total during the three days. To learn more about the SuperTHEATER and other SEMICON Japan’s over 100 hours of presentations and content, visit the SEMICON Japan website at


November 5, 2013