SEMI Forms Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Working Group

SEMI Forms Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Working Group

At SEMICON West 2013 in July, representatives from SEMI member companies met to discuss the possibility of forming a SEMI Special Interest Group focused on common issues of components, instruments, and subsystem companies. Although SEMI has Special Interest Groups formed for Silicon Manufacturers, Chemical and Gas Manufacturers, Secondary Equipment, and others, this was the first time that components, instruments and subsystem companies convened to discuss ways that SEMI can serve their diverse set of needs as a collective group.  

Attended by representatives from Applied Seals, ATMI, Edwards, Global Foundries, Lam Research, MKS Instruments, Pall and UltraClean, the meeting opened with a general discussion of key issues facing the supply chain in the areas of: R&D costs; supplier readiness and design-in requirements; process yield and defectivity, including its sources, monitoring and control, and materials choices.  Each representative provided an overview of their respective challenges as the industry moves to larger wafer dimension, increased device complexity and scaling, increased costs, and supply chain consolidation. Equipment and device manufacturer inputs provided helpful upstream/downstream perspectives as well.

Given that this segment of member companies is so diverse, it was important to identify the issues that are common across various product areas. While many topics were discussed, the top common issue set was determined to be:

  • Standards (interface, materials, 450mm, etc.)
  • Co-design / Collaboration (innovation, cost-down, standardization)
  • IP protocol and management (subsystem to OEM vs. device manufacturer)
  • Education/awareness (SCIS/supply chain issues)
  • COO / Cost reductions (450mm EUV, advanced technology scaling)
  • Defectivity (from component to process)
  • Roadmap collaboration and standardization

The group was energized by the discussion and set a plan to continue to meet and develop an action plan after more data was collected.  Dalia Vernikovsky, CEO and general manager of Applied Seals, and Adrienne Pierce, director of Business Development of Edwards, have offered to co-lead this new group as they develop a charter and define a scope of work. The group’s   first action is launching a survey to better understand the collective needs of the member companies. If you would like to participate in the survey, please click here.

To close the meeting, Vernikovsky said, “With little understanding of how components, instruments, and subsystems could be a factor in presenting particles or contamination, there is insufficient guidance as to ‘what is important’ in designing our products. As in many cases overlooking these crucial areas can lead to economic or technical mayhem, so proactive, collaborative development is vital.” 

Pierce said, “The SCIS presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the whole supply chain for technical responsiveness, productive velocity and optimized application. It is only through collaboration and communication that we can best address gaps and challenges, leveraging finite resources to deliver cost reductions and innovation for semiconductor manufacturing.”

Get involved!

If you would like to participate in the survey, please click here.

If you are interested in joining this new SEMI Special Interest Group focused on the common issues of components, instruments, and subsystem companies, please contact Lin Tso at SEMI at


November 5, 2013