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This event was held on October 16-17, 2013.

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 Opening Keynote: "Ultimate Devices for a Sustainable Society"
Dr. Jo De Boeck. (Biography)
Senior VP and CTO,

"Material Solutions to Advanced Process Needs"
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Mark Thirsk (Biography)
Managing Partner
Linx Consulting

"From Stacked Packages to an All Silicon Future….."
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Michel Koopmans (Biography)
Advanced Packaging R&D Integration Manager

Materials for Classic and New Memories
Dr. Er-Xuan Ping (Biography)
Managing Director, Silicon System Group
Applied Materials

 Technologies and Solutions for High Speed Networking and High Performance Computing
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Dr. Ali Keshavarzi (Biography)
Vice President of R&D
Cypress Semiconductor

Day 1 Parallel Tracks

Track 1: Nanometrology In The Nines

Track 2: Carbon-based Materials in Semiconductor and Other Market Applications    


"Accelerating Materials Development
Through Collaborative R&D Models"

Dr, Michael Lercel (Biography)
Senior Director of Nanodefectivity and Metrology,  
Planning for Ripe Carbon Fruit: Material
Innovation Lifecycles as a Scouting Tool

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Ross Kozarsky (Biography)
Senior Analyst
Lux Research



Characterization and Metrology Challenges for Emerging Memory Technology Landscape
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Chris Bishop (Biography)
R&D Metrology Manager

"A New Approach to Carbon–Multi-functional
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Patrick O'Connor (Biography)
Director, Business Development & Strategy
Applied NanoStructured Solutions


Challenges in the Characterization of
Strategic Chemicals in the Sub-10nm. World
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Dr, Hugh Gotts (Biography)
Director of R&D
Balazs Analytical Services
(Division of Air Liquide Electronics)

"Graphene via CO2 Reduction: Differentiation,
Scalability and Applications"

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Dr, Robert Fleming (Biography)
Director of R&D
Graphene Technologies

Characterization Challenges for Advanced Electronics Materials and Structures
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Troy Morrison (Biography)
Applications Development Manager

"Characterization Challenges for Applications of

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Prof. Rockford K. Draper, Ph.D. (Biography)
Research Scientist Faculty,  School of Natural
Sciences and Mathematics
University of Texas, Dallas


"Packaging Materials- Trends, Issues, and Opportunities"
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Dr. Dan Tracy, Sr. (Biography)
Director, Industry Research,



"Semiconductor and Metallic Building Blocks for Future Optoelectronic Devices"
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Prof. Mark Brogersma (Biography)
Professor and Keck Faculty Scholar, Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Stanford University


HDD Commodities Landscape, Challenges and Strategies
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Alex Patel (Biography)
Director of Procurement
Western Digital

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Regulatory Threats to the Microelectronics Industry
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Jonathan Davis (Biography)
Global Vice President, Industry Advocacy

"WBG Devices and the Multi Billion Dollar Opportunity"
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Pallavi Madakasira (Biography)

Lux Research


Beyond CMOS/Emerging Devices Session

The Spin on Electronics!

Dr. Stuart Parkin (Biography)
IBM Fellow, Manager, Magnetoelectronics,
Almaden Research Center, IBM Research
Director, IBM-Stanford Spintronic Science & Applications Center


"Nanoscale Multiferroics For Future Electro-Magnetic Devices"
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Prof. Greg P. Carman, Ph.D. (Biography)
Director Translational Applications
of Multiferroic Systems TANMS, Mechanical and
Aerospace Engineering Department

Accelerating Development of Nanoscale Materials,
Processes, and Devices
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Dr. Prashant B Phatak (Biography)
Technology Director

Day 2 Parallel Tracks

Track 3: Flexible and Printed Electronics 

Track 4: Materials for MEMS



From Smart Materials to Printing Intelligence
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Dr. Janos Veres (Biography)
Program Manager, Printed Electronics

Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory
PARC, A Xerox Company

MEMS Enabling New Markets and Applications
Tony Massimini (Biography)
Chief of Technology
SEMICO Research

Recent Advancements in Carbon-Based Nanomaterial
Inks and Solutions for Electronics Applications
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James Lamb (Biography)
Director of the Carbon Electronics Center
Brewer Science

Developments in MEMS Manufacturing Technology
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Dr. Alissa Fitzgerald (Biography)
Founder and Managing Member
A. M. Fitzgerald & Associates 

Associate Professor
California Polytechnic State University

M&NEMS: A Generic Platform for Ultra-Miniaturized, Low-Power and
Low-Cost Sensors 

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Hughes Metras (Biography)
Vice President Strategic Partnership, North America


Printed Silicon
Dr. Joerg Rockenberger (Biography)
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Sr. Director Partnerships & Alliances, 

XeF2 Etch Technology for MEMS Applications
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Dr. Kyle Lebouitz (Biography)
Director of Technology,
Release Etch Products
SPTS Technologies (former CTO & Founder, XACTIX)

Closing Keynote
Collaboration is Materially Important to Semiconductor Innovation
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Gregg Bartlett (Biography)
Chief Technology Officer